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  • Top 10 Best Backpacks in India 2020 (Wildcraft, Skybags, and More)

    Top 10 Best Backpacks in India 2020 (Wildcraft, Skybags, and More)

    You wore it to school, you wear it when you go to the gym, or while travelling, or when you’re commuting to work or when going to tuition or some favourite recreation class. There was a bag accompanying us always. Bags do become like friends throughout the years, though rough and tough times or leisure times.It’s time to find a new one to carry along or make a new companion afresh. It’s possible the first time you bought one, maybe it was too heavy, or the straps were too small to wear it comfortably. To help you assess what you should be looking precisely for, we have assembled a buying guide for you to buy the right one. Let’s get started.
  • Top 10 Best iPhone Cases in India 2020 (Casemate, Amozo, and more)

    Top 10 Best iPhone Cases in India 2020 (Casemate, Amozo, and more)

    Steve job's innovation in 2008 bought a revolution to the world of smartphones, the iPhone; Evolving from a small 3.5inch to almost double 6.7inch screen size today. It is one of the most popular smartphones owing to its secure OS and regular updates for around five years.The new generation iPhones come with glass backs. Though the company has introduced toughened glass, glass is glass, and it is vulnerable! The broken glass back doesn't look good, and the repair cost runs to almost half the iPhone's value! Buying a case is a wise choice, and since the case comes with a variety of colors and features, it's not dull to put on a case anymore.
  • Top 10 Best Jewellery Online Shopping Sites in India 2020 (Amarpali, Amama, and more)

    Top 10 Best Jewellery Online Shopping Sites in India 2020 (Amarpali, Amama, and more)

    Wedding season is upon us, but with the ongoing pandemic, weddings are no longer a lavish affair; in fact, intimate weddings are being planned across the world. If you too are planning your wedding in the coming months, or have to attend a friend’s wedding as a bridesmaid, you might be searching for outfits and fine jewellery.If picking up your jewellery is one of the priorities on the checklist, but you're wary of stepping into a store, fret not; online jewellery shopping is here as your saviour. Some amazing jewellery brands have their collection listed on their Instagram accounts or their websites. Read on, as we list some of the popular and most recommended online jewellery brands in India.
  • Top 10 Best Smart Watches in India 2020

    Top 10 Best Smart Watches in India 2020

    From analog to digital to smartwatches have sure travelled a long journey to become our sweet companions that always stay by our side and remind us to keep moving. The features of these handy companions have become much more extensive, in the 21st century- you just need to have this piece of technology to keep you and your health on track.As the market for these watches grows and the craze increases, we took some time to look at the features of these fascinating wristbands to present you with the ten best ones available in India. From Apple to Samsung, we have chosen our recommendations in a way that they offer you the best features and also don’t burn a hole in the pocket.
  • Top 10 Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses in India 2020

    Top 10 Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses in India 2020

    In a world where many prefer e-books over hard copies, social media over physical meet-ups, and video conferencing calls over official gatherings, viewing screen becomes an integral part. If the advancement has taken us to extended screen sessions that can harm the eyes, it has also given us the solution to it: blue light blocking glasses!Did you know that excessive exposure to blue light can negatively affect your sleep cycle? If not, you would like to know the solution, and one of them is having blue light cut glasses. So, here we have gathered the essential information to make your buy hassle-free. Check it out!
  • Top 7 Best Water Bottles in India

    Top 7 Best Water Bottles in India

    Are you that conscious person who cares about the environment? If so, you would want to have a reusable water bottle. Not only can you gulp anytime, but it will also help you save some resources and money. We have short-listed many kinds of water bottles made from different materials – from bamboo, stainless steel, to clay, copper, and more. Also, you do not have to worry about the "how to choose" section because we have designed a detailed buying guide to provide essential information. So choose wisely!
  • Top 7 Best Air Pollution Masks in India 2020

    Top 7 Best Air Pollution Masks in India 2020

    In the last few decades, air pollution has become one of the prominent global problems. All major cities of India have been dealing with the problem of severe level of pollution which dramatically increased the importance of using face masks. It has been reported by Greenpeace India that in 2017, one in eight deaths were attributable to air pollution.It would not be wrong to claim that the face mask has become part of our "new normal", rather than being a part of the pollution, you can be a part of the solution. There are different brands of air pollution masks available in the market. In this article, we have covered some points to help you choose an air pollution mask.
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