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  • 10 Best Condoms to Prevent Pregnancy in India 2021 (Durex, Manforce, and more) 1
  • 10 Best Condoms to Prevent Pregnancy in India 2021 (Durex, Manforce, and more) 2
  • 10 Best Condoms to Prevent Pregnancy in India 2021 (Durex, Manforce, and more) 3
  • 10 Best Condoms to Prevent Pregnancy in India 2021 (Durex, Manforce, and more) 4
  • 10 Best Condoms to Prevent Pregnancy in India 2021 (Durex, Manforce, and more) 5

10 Best Condoms to Prevent Pregnancy in India 2021 (Durex, Manforce, and more)

A condom is a thin barrier contraceptive used to protect the participants in sexual intercourse from sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and unplanned pregnancy. In addition, condoms can make sex more pleasurable. Maybe a lot more than when you are not using one. Read our buying guide below to learn how to choose the best condom depending on penile length and girth, favorite flavors, and many more.

Later on, you can browse through our top ten recommendations featuring the best condoms to prevent pregnancy in India from top brands like Durex, Moods, KamaSutra, Manforce, and more. Don't worry about your privacy. We have featured products from Amazon and Shycart—both ship products discreetly. So, help yourself!

Last updated 22/03/2023
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Table of Contents

How to Choose a Condom to Prevent Pregnancy in India - Buying Guide

Choosing the right condom may take some experience and practice. We are here to speed up that process. After you are done with the buying guide, you will have a clear idea about what works best for you and your partner.

① Buy One Depending On the Size of Your Penis

Buy One Depending On the Size of Your Penis

If it's a string, you can measure the string and note down the number. Condoms usually mention their length and girth in millimeters. The standard size is 180mm or 7 inches in length and 53mm or 2 inches in width. That doesn't mean that every man out there is walking with a 7-inch junk in their pants, and the width is the measurement when the condom is laid flat.

Girth is double the width. So a condom with 2-inch width will fit a penis of girth 4 inches. You don't have to roll down the condom completely, but there shouldn't be too much unrolled portion either. Make sure that the condom reaches the base of your penis, or it will slip off during intercourse. Wearing a tight condom is uncomfortable too, so the right size is safe and comfortable.

② Know the Various Types of Condoms Available

Learn more about lubricated, flavored, textured, climax delay condoms, etc., and the benefits of using them from the sections below.

Lubricated Condoms for a Smoother Ride

Lubricated Condoms for a Smoother Ride

When sexually aroused, a woman's body produces fluids to lubricate the vagina. But if your partner has vaginal dryness, using a condom without lubrication can cause pain from the friction. Nowadays, almost all condoms come lubricated (inside and outside), but if you end up buying a non-lubricated one, we advise you to use a lube to smooth things up. Lubrication also prevents condom breakage.

Some condoms mention "with extra lubrication" on the pack. They have comparatively more lubrication, so you don't have to use extra lube, but there is no rule here. Here is another reason for choosing lubricated condoms. Too much friction can also cause you to climax faster. If you want to last longer, use extra lubrication even if the condom is lubricated.

Here is a pro tip. Be careful if you plan on buying extra lube for condoms. Oil-based lubes can degrade latex and polyisoprene condoms and cause them to break while they are safe to be used with lambskin and polyurethane condoms. If you are using latex or polyisoprene condoms, go for water or silicone-based lubricants.

Textured and Flavored Condoms Make Sex More Enjoyable

Textured and Flavored Condoms Make Sex More Enjoyable

There are thousands of nerve endings on the penis and the vagina. During sexual intercourse, these nerves get stimulated, giving you pleasure and ultimately orgasm. Dotted and ribbed condoms have a raised texture, on the inside and the outside, that provides extra stimulation to these nerves.

If you or your partner find it difficult and time-consuming to reach an orgasm, try using ribbed or dotted condoms. The more ribs and dots a condom has, the more stimulating it is. For example, Skore condoms with 1500 dots can provide you more pleasure than Manforce Wild Condoms with 384 dots and 5 ribs. Condoms can make oral sex even more exciting.

Yes, you should wear a condom before oral sex to prevent contracting any STDs from the cuts and sores in your partner's mouth. You can find various flavors like chocolate, orange, strawberry, and banana that will make your partner drool all over you. The taste of rubber latex is not that pleasing. Flavored condoms can be useful in masking that unpleasant taste too.

Climax Delay Condoms Make You Last Longer

Climax Delay Condoms Make You Last Longer

Climax delay condoms are beneficial for people who want to last longer in bed. They contain a lube with benzocaine, a local anesthetic that reduces the sensitivity of the penis. It will help people with premature ejaculation and also those who want to extend their lovemaking session.

If your partner usually lasts longer than you, try using climax delay condoms with ribs and dots. There is nothing more intimate than climaxing together! If you can't find climax delay condoms, look for a climax delay lube. Put a dollop in the condom before you wear it, and you are all set to ride.

Explore the Fit and Feel Of Various Condom Shapes

Explore the Fit and Feel Of Various Condom Shapes

Condoms come in various shapes: straight wall, flared, contoured, etc. Straight wall condoms have the same width from the opening to the end. It is the most commonly found condom in India. If you have large glans (head of the penis), you may find straight wall condoms to be too tight. Flared condoms are here for the rescue.

They are wider around the head than the rest of the wall, giving more comfort to your glans. The extra latex can also stimulate your glans for a faster orgasm. If you find straight wall condoms to be too tight-fitting, try contoured condoms. They are shaped like a penis and grips the penis perfectly. This prevents it from slipping off, ensuring maximum protection.

Latex-Free Condoms for People Who Are Allergic to Latex

Latex-Free Condoms for People Who Are Allergic to Latex

Natural rubber latex is the most popular material used for making condoms. But if you are allergic to it, there are other options available to explore, like polyisoprene, polyurethane, and lambskin. Of the three, polyisoprene is the most preferred. It is softer and transmits heat better than latex, providing a more natural feel during intercourse.

The warming sensation increases pleasure during sex. Polyurethane has almost all the properties of polyisoprene, except it is less elastic and more prone to break or slip off during sex. Lambskin condoms are very rare in India. They are made from lambs' intestinal membrane and provide more sensitivity than latex, just like polyisoprene.

But think twice before going for it. Lambskin is just as effective as other types in preventing pregnancy but not at all effective in protecting you against sexually transmitted diseases. If you have a choice between the three, go for polyisoprene for that extra intimacy.

③ Consider the Thickness of the Condom Before You Buy

Consider the Thickness of the Condom Before You Buy

If you want extra sensation during sex but cannot find polyisoprene condoms, try going for thin latex condoms. But here is the issue. Condom companies don't mention the measurement of the thickness, rather they use words like "Extra thin" and "Ultra thin". The "Extra thin" by one company may be "Medium" for another.

The only way is to try out various brands. But there are a few things to consider before buying. Since thin condoms increase sensitivity, you are likely to climax faster. If you are someone who climaxes faster or premature ejaculation, it is better to opt for a thicker condom (maybe standard or medium). Using a delay lube can also help.

Just because a condom is thin doesn't mean that they are more likely to break. But if you or your partner are troubled by the thought that a thin condom could break easily, you can go for the thickest one a company can offer. You won't be distracted and will have peace of mind while having fun. Here is a pro tip: use a lubricant with a warming or cooling sensation while using thicker condoms.

④ Choose Female or Internal Condoms for More Sexual Pleasure

Choose Female or Internal Condoms for More Sexual Pleasure

Female condoms or internal condoms are meant for women. They can be inserted into the vagina up to 8 hours before sex. Here are the reasons female condoms are more pleasurable. You don't have to ruin the moment by searching your wallet for a condom, tearing the pack open, and putting it on your penis.

Plan ahead and ask your partner to wear it a couple of hours in advance so you can get right into business when the time comes. Since women have more at stake than men when it comes to pregnancy, using an internal condom will ensure peace of mind, as she is in control of her sexual and reproductive health.

Female condoms have an inner ring made of sponge material for easier insertion into the vagina and for absorbing the semen. During vaginal intercourse, the sponge can stimulate the tip of the penis, giving you increased pleasure. The outer ring of the female condom can rub against the clitoris and vulva, making sex enjoyable for her too.

10 Best Condoms to Prevent Pregnancy in India

Here is our curated list of the best condoms you can buy online in India. You will find condoms of various types, sizes, flavors and colors from top brands like Durex, Manforce, Moods, and more. Remember to choose the right size to prevent contracting sexually transmitted diseases and unplanned pregnancy.
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Mutual Climax

Durex Mutual Climax 1枚目

For People With Premature Ejaculation




Durex Invisible 1枚目

Ultra Thin For More Sensitivity and Intimacy



New Adventure Pack

Skore New Adventure Pack 1枚目

Assorted Pack Of Colored, Flavored and Scented Condoms




PEESAFE Domina 1枚目

Female Condoms That Can Be Worn 8 Hours Before Sex



WonderMax XL condoms

KamaSutra WonderMax XL condoms 1枚目

Extra Long Condoms for Penises up to 7.8 Inches



Wild Condoms

Manforce Wild Condoms 1枚目

Contoured Condoms for a Comfortable Fit



Silver Joyride Condoms

MOODS Silver Joyride Condoms 1枚目

Flared Condoms With More Room Around the Glans



Extra Lubricated Condoms

SKYN Extra Lubricated Condoms 1枚目

Polyisoprene Condoms for People Who Are Allergic to Latex



Pink Passion

KamaSutra Pink Passion 1枚目

For Those the Standard Size Fits Loosely



Honeymoon Surprise

Kamasutra Honeymoon Surprise 1枚目

Assorted Pack Of Condoms With Erotic Gifts, Games, and More

Product details

DurexMutual Climax


For People With Premature Ejaculation

Durex Mutual Climax is a pack of dotted and ribbed condoms for both you and your partner's pleasure. It comes with the Performa lubricant, a benzocaine-based lubricant that will reduce the sensitivity of your penis so you can last longer. Among Durex's range of condoms, Mutual Climax comes with medium thickness.

It has a standard size of 180mm and a width of 53mm, making it suitable for male organs up to 7 inches in length and 4.2 inches in girth. The condoms are transparent for those who like their natural skin color to show for more intimacy.

We recommend Mutual Climax to men who feel they climax too quickly or have premature ejaculation and for speeding up your girl to reach that earth-shattering orgasm.




Ultra Thin For More Sensitivity and Intimacy

Invisible is the thinnest condoms yet by Durex. It is almost as if you are not wearing one. We recommend this product to men looking for high sensitivity and a more natural feel. You don't have to worry about any breakage as latex is an extremely stretchable material.

Since there will be more sensitivity, you may climax faster. So you can try using a delay gel before you wear the condom. The pack contains 10 transparent condoms with a teat (reservoir tip) for collecting your love fluid. You don't have to worry about your privacy as Amazon ships this product discreetly.


SkoreNew Adventure Pack


Assorted Pack Of Colored, Flavored and Scented Condoms

Skore Adventure Pack provides you a selection of assorted condoms of various flavors, colors, and types. You get four packs of chocolate, strawberry, banana, and orange-flavored condoms, one pack of climax delay condoms, one pack of blue-colored, and many more.

The adventure pack will be a perfect choice for you and your partner if you are traveling or on a honeymoon and want to spice up your sex life by adding something unique every time you make love.

The dotted condoms have over 1500 dots for even more sensual pleasure. All packs except Not Out comes with extra lubrication, so you don't have to worry about stopping in between.




Female Condoms That Can Be Worn 8 Hours Before Sex

For women who want to take control of their sex life, PEE SAFE DOMINA is the right product for you. It can be worn up to 8 hours before intercourse, allowing unplanned and impulsive sex safe and uninterrupted (the man doesn't have to take a break to wear a condom!).

The sponge inside serves two purposes: it makes it easier for you to insert it and also absorbs the ejaculate, thus preventing any accidental mess. Both of you can enjoy without worrying about condom breakage as the width of this condom is 3 inches, which is more than enough for male organs of any size. 

The length is just 5.3 inches, which can safely stretch up to 5.7 inches. This may be a drawback for some users. DOMINA is lavender flavored and lubricated for smooth riding.


KamaSutraWonderMax XL condoms


Extra Long Condoms for Penises up to 7.8 Inches

If you find the standard size of condoms to be too small, go for the KamaSutra Wondermax XL condoms. It has a length of 200mm (7.8 inches), but the 53mm width is standard. The condoms are dotted for extra pleasure and lubricated to prevent breakage from friction and avoid discomfort for your partner due to vaginal dryness.

The pack contains 6 condoms, and they are pink colored. The standard width of 53mm may be a drawback, considering men usually expect more width along with length from XL condoms. We recommend wearing the right-sized condom so it won't slip or tear during intercourse, thus ensuring comfort and safety.


ManforceWild Condoms


Contoured Condoms for a Comfortable Fit

If straight-walled condoms are uncomfortable for you, go for Manforce Wild Condoms. It is contoured, allowing a perfect and comfortable fit. The contour also acts as an extra grip to prevent the condom from slipping off the penis. You and your partner can experience more stimulation from the 384 dots and five ribs on the condom.

It is made of natural rubber latex and has the standard girth of 52mm. It is chocolate flavored, making oral sex even more exciting and delightful for your partner. Manforce Wild Condoms come in four other flavors: mint, coffee, strawberry, and black grapes.


MOODSSilver Joyride Condoms


Flared Condoms With More Room Around the Glans

Moods Joyride is a pack of 12 flared condoms. Since they are wider at the head, your glans will have space to breathe. If you feel that straight wall and contoured condoms are too snugging, go for these without any second thoughts. It is scented, so your partner doesn't get turned off by the latex smell.

As for pleasure, Moods Joyride is dotted and ribbed to stimulate both you and your partner. The condoms are made of latex, and the pack contains 12 of them. They have a standard size of 180mm in length and 53mm in width. Flared condoms are not that popular in India. The only brand we could find selling flared condoms is Moods. Give this a try, and you won't go back!


SKYNExtra Lubricated Condoms


Polyisoprene Condoms for People Who Are Allergic to Latex

If you or your partner is allergic to latex, try Skyn Extra Lubricated condoms. It is made of polyisoprene, which is softer and provides a more natural feel than latex condoms. It comes with 40% more lubrication than Skyn Original condoms and has a peat end for collecting your ejaculate after climax.

The strength is the same as that of latex. Skyn offers other types like ultra-thin condoms and dotted condoms for those looking for more pleasurable sex. Its transparent wall also allows the natural skin color to show, allowing an even more natural and intimate feel.


KamaSutraPink Passion


For Those the Standard Size Fits Loosely

You already know the standard size of condoms in India. KamaSutra Pink Passion is for those who feel that the standard size doesn't fit properly. It has a length of 170mm (6.69 inches) and a width of 49mm (1.9 inches). Using a loosely fitting condom will not protect you from sexually transmitted diseases or prevent unplanned pregnancy.

The condom could also fall off or get stuck inside the vagina during intercourse. Pink Passion condoms are lubricated but not flavored or scented and don't have any ribs or dots. We advise not to use these if your penis size is only fit for standard-sized condoms as the tight fit could be uncomfortable with the possibility of breakage.


KamasutraHoneymoon Surprise


Assorted Pack Of Condoms With Erotic Gifts, Games, and More

KamaSutra Honeymoon Surprise could be one of the best gifts you can ever give to your partner. The pack contains more than just condoms. You get erotic games, a feather teaser, a booklet with lovemaking tips, a blindfold, a lubricant, and disposable bags for the condoms.

A total of 21 condoms of various flavors, thickness, and textures are present in the pack. Your partner would like the chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry flavors, and both of you can experiment and enjoy with the ribbed and dotted condoms. Finally, when you are ready to change the gear, you can go for the super-thin condoms. We recommend this product for adding fun and excitement to your sex life.

How to Put On a Condom

Watch this video if you feel a bit unconfident about your condom-wearing skills. Don't worry, you won't be seeing any male genitalia here, but it's not safe for work either (NSFW). You will be learning a few things like:

  1. When to put on a condom
  2. How to spot a damaged condom, and
  3. How to roll it down on your organ.

The Right Way to Use Condoms

The Right Way to Use Condoms

  1. Do check the condom for damages before use.
  2. Do check for the expiry date of a condom. Throw away if it is past the expiry date.
  3. Do buy condoms from reputed websites and brands as you can be assured about the quality of the condoms.
  4. Do carry more than one condom at a time. If one is damaged, you will have another at hand.
  5. Do put on a condom before your penis comes in contact with the mouth, vagina, or anus.
  6. Do store condoms in a cool, dry place, and refrain from storing condoms in your wallet for a long time as the friction can cause breakage.
  7. Do use latex, polyisoprene, or polyurethane condoms.
  8. Do use water-based lubes with latex and polyisoprene condoms to prevent breakage from degradation.
  9. Do use the right-sized condoms.
  10. Do change condom after 30 minutes since friction weakens it and may cause tears that are not easily visible to naked eyes.
  11. Do change condoms after each type of sex. Oral sex could cause tears due to the friction between the teeth and the condom, and the anus doesn't provide natural lubrication like the vagina.
  12. Do use condoms with a teat or reservoir end to collect the ejaculate.


  1. Do not reuse a condom.
  2. Do not use sharp objects or your teeth to open the condom wrapper to prevent damage.
  3. Do not use more than one male condom at a time as it can cause breakage.
  4. Do not male and female condoms together as it can cause breakage from friction (even if you use lube).
  5. Do not use spermicide condoms or lubes as it can cause irritation.
  6. Do not flush used condoms down the drain or toilet as it may clog the plumbing.
  7. Do not buy condoms from vending machines sitting in the sunlight as the heat can damage condoms.

Foods That Increase Libido

Foods That Increase Libido

Honey, olive oil, and oats are some of the easily available libido-boosting foods. Click on the links below to learn about their nutritional value and how to choose the right product from the sea of varieties available in online supermarkets. We also recommend the ten best products in every article to help you choose one easily.


The purpose of a condom is to protect both parties from STDs and prevent unplanned pregnancy. So the first and foremost thing to consider while buying a condom is the size. Choosing the right length and girth ensures comfort during sex and prevents the condom from slipping off or getting torn.

If you feel that you climax faster or have premature ejaculation, go for climax delay condoms. You can go for ribbed and dotted condoms if she is slow to reach orgasm. There are several flavors available too. Ask your partner about her favorite and go for it. Considering the likes of your partner will make sex more enjoyable.

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No. 2DurexInvisible

No. 3SkoreNew Adventure Pack

No. 4PEESAFEDomina

No. 5KamaSutraWonderMax XL condoms

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