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  3. 10 Best Flowering Plants in India 2021 (Damascus Rose, Kalanchoe, and more)
  • 10 Best Flowering Plants in India 2021 (Damascus Rose, Kalanchoe, and more) 1
  • 10 Best Flowering Plants in India 2021 (Damascus Rose, Kalanchoe, and more) 2
  • 10 Best Flowering Plants in India 2021 (Damascus Rose, Kalanchoe, and more) 3
  • 10 Best Flowering Plants in India 2021 (Damascus Rose, Kalanchoe, and more) 4
  • 10 Best Flowering Plants in India 2021 (Damascus Rose, Kalanchoe, and more) 5

10 Best Flowering Plants in India 2021 (Damascus Rose, Kalanchoe, and more)

A garden without flowers is all green but lacks colors. The early morning fragrance, curling out petals in different colors and birds and butterflies visiting them. Just reading this creates a vivid and soothing imagination and a glimpse of how flowers can completely change the atmosphere around them.

If you’re beginning with your green thumb story or looking forward to having a few more flowers in your garden. We have assembled a buying guide to assist you with some vital factors that shall improve your flower selection choice according to place and location and help you be a better gardener.

Last updated 23/03/2023
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Table of Contents

How to Choose the Best Flowering Plants in India - Buying Guide

There are small but intricate factors while selecting flower plants. It's possible in awe of the flower's beauty you may overlook whether the flower will be suitable for the place where you live according to climate. Small factors like these determine the health of your flower in multiple ways. Let's dive in and explore.

① The Place Where You Live Matters for the Flowers

Every flowering plant has a different definition for perfect conditions of growth. Some flowers bloom in shade, some in hot weather, and some wither without sufficient sunlight. The place where you live is a vital factor to determine which flower shall bloom happily in your garden, balcony, or on your coffee table.

Select Flowers as per the Climate of Your Place

Select Flowers as per the Climate of Your Place

Make this the first step before you set out to select flowers for your place,  know the climate and seasonal variations about where you live. Your place's climatic conditions are a crucial aspect that determines which flower shall blossom without any concerns. For example, Lilies can thrive easily in extreme weather conditions.

When you get a plant like cherry blossom which thrives only in cold weather for hot places like Delhi or Mumbai, the plant won’t blossom and may wither due to excessive heat. So, for the healthy growth of saplings and a lush, blooming place, study your climate.

Check Whether You Want for Indoors or Outdoors

Check Whether You Want for Indoors or Outdoors

Some flowers love the shade, and some cannot live without direct sunlight. For example, flowers like Kalanchoe can blossom indoors and needs little to no maintenance. You can place them on your coffee table, in your kitchen, or anywhere. Having flowers indoors elevates the mood and is therapeutic.

Flowers like Petunia, Marigold require direct sunlight and are more suitable for planting in your garden or balcony with sunlight falling 5-6 hours a day. Make your flower selection according to the nature of the plant and your place. If your apartment doesn’t receive sunlight throughout the day, getting a plant like a Marigold for your balcony is not an optimal choice.

When selecting the flower for your place, read about the maximum height the plant grows up to. Certain flowering plants reach a height up to 8 feet or more. Do acknowledge the space you have in your balcony or garden and select suitable flowers accordingly.

② Choose Between Seasonal and Annual Flowers

Choose Between Seasonal and Annual Flowers

Annual flowers are the ones that complete their life cycle in one blooming season; the life cycle is the time taken for the plant to grow from seed to become a flower and then giving out more seeds. These types of flowers are popular in places with cooler temperatures

They bloom all season and wither away as the fall season comes and sprout again from the seeds next season and a few annual flowers like marigolds, sunflowers, and pansies. Perennials or seasonal flowers come back for many reasons; the flower goes away in a certain season and grows back again from the same roots.

Perennials bloom for a short period of time. Depending from flower to flower. One more variety of flowers known as biennials require two growing seasons to complete the life cycle.

③ If You're a Beginner, Start With Easy Growing Flowers

If You're a Beginner, Start With Easy Growing Flowers

If you’re just beginning with the green thumb love, start with flowers that require less take and care. Flowers like Shasta Daisy, Coreopsis are amongst a few plants you can start your gardening with.

It's important to get accustomed to gardening with easy to grow plants; every journey begins with a single step. As you start gardening regularly and gain experience, you will feel much confident and in sync with your flowers and can take up growing difficult ones like Orchids, Azalea in no time.

Even for individuals that have less time to upkeep their flower plants, planting the fewer maintenance flowers in your garden or balcony is more optimal to have a green and blooming place.

④ Know the Signs of Unhealthy Plants

Know the Signs of Unhealthy Plants

When you are buying new saplings or when you’re involved in regular upkeep of your flowers, look out for some unhealthy signs like eaten leaves, yellow leaves before the fall season, these signify either pests or infertile soil or over-watering of soil.

The more you get involved with gardening, with experience you know when something is wrong. Taking care of them just like you take care of other individuals is a great feeling and your flower plants shall be healthy and blooming.

It's important to have gardening tools like plower, cutter, and DIY homemade spray solution for keeping your plants pest-free and lush.

10 Best Flowering Plants in India

Selecting a list of ten amongst thousands and thousands of varieties is a humongous task and the list is not exhaustive. We have curated a list of flowering plants that are easy to grow and take care of.
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Damascus Rose

Nurserylive Damascus Rose 1枚目

Elegant and Easy to Grow



Bougainvillea Dwarf

Nurserylive Bougainvillea Dwarf 1枚目

The Evergreen Climbers in a Pot




Nurserylive Hibiscus 1枚目

The All Season Elegant Flower Plant




Nurserylive Kalanchoe 1枚目

A Popular Succulent Houseplant




Nurserylive Bougainvillea 1枚目

The White Evergreen Climbers for Your Garden



Ixora Dwarf

Nurserylive Ixora Dwarf  1枚目

Lovely Cluster of Flowers in a Pot



Miniature Rose

Nurserylive Miniature Rose 1枚目

Perfect Plant for Your Garden or Balcony



Ixora Long

Nurserylive Ixora Long 1枚目

The Red Blooming Bunch for Your Garden



Lantana Camara

Nurserylive Lantana Camara  1枚目

Small Cluster of Flowers All Year Round




Nurserylive Begonia  1枚目

A Decorative Flower Specie for Your Home

Product details

NurseryliveDamascus Rose


Elegant and Easy to Grow

Roses are the first name of a flower that ever comes to a head when you talk about flowers. You can never miss them out when talking about flowers. There are more than 300 varieties of roses. Amongst them is the Damascus Rose. The fragrance is inexplicable.

It is easy to grow and plant on your balcony or garden. They are not indoor plants, so you need to keep them in place with adequate sunlight. Clay or loamy soil is the best for them. You can use the rosehip for making jam, jelly, or tea; it is highly rich in vitamin C content.


NurseryliveBougainvillea Dwarf


The Evergreen Climbers in a Pot

Bougainvillea is a trendy ornamental flower; you must have seen them in almost every home, growing along the walls, hedges, house entrance, or roadside walls. They can grow almost everywhere and are easy to maintain with minimum watering and time to time pruning.

The Bougainvillea dwarf is a miniature size of the regular one that, with regular pruning, maintains its shrub size and can be kept in your balcony or a small garden. The flowering plant is easy to maintain and requires less upkeep; It loves dry soil. After watering the plant, let the soil dry completely before watering again.




The All Season Elegant Flower Plant

Also known as rose mallow. Hibiscus is a pretty dangling flower with its soft petals on green foliage, blooming every other day throughout the year.  It is said to give a hibiscus acknowledging one's delicate beauty.

As beautiful it looks, it is very beneficial with its medicinal properties. Hibiscus is known well for lowering blood pressure, blood fat levels and boosting antioxidants with its intake; Hibiscus tea is one popular way to gain its benefits. It is easy to grow and maintain, and there are various colors the flower has in its family.




A Popular Succulent Houseplant

Kalanchoe is a popular and beautiful succulent for your home garden or indoors. Small tiny flowers blossom during the winter season. You can pinch the top of stems for more flower buds to come out.

It's effortless to maintain and upkeep kalanchoe. You can keep the plant in sunlight as well during the summer seasons. It also has medicinal properties for treating ailments like inflammation and infection.




The White Evergreen Climbers for Your Garden

Amongst a long list of 90 varieties, the white bougainvillea is one of our recommendations for planting in your garden or for your walls. It loves dry soil, and it's best to water only when the soil is completely dry.

With regular pruning, you can give the stem of the flower the shape as required. For example, let it coil around the garden gate shed or the walls in the form of a hedge. Do watch out for the thorns on the plant. With year-round flowers, your place shall be blooming with white petals.


NurseryliveIxora Dwarf


Lovely Cluster of Flowers in a Pot

The Ixora plant is a lovely choice and considerably quite popular due to its clusters of star-shaped flowers growing all year round. They are known by many different names, one of them popularly being West Indian Jasmine. The dwarf variety can be potted and kept in a balcony or home garden. They are majorly used as hedges.

It's easy to grow and maintain these flowers. They enjoy evenly moist soil, not too wet and soggy, or else they may wither. Peat soil is the best for them as they thrive in acidic soil; alkaline soil can make their leaves turn yellow.


NurseryliveMiniature Rose


Perfect Plant for Your Garden or Balcony

Among the huge variety of roses, miniature roses are one of the popular kinds. They bloom throughout the year, and you can enjoy fragrant essence all year round. The pink rose is considered a symbol of sweetness, sympathy, and grace. 

It's easy to grow and take care of them. A temperature of around 20-30 degrees is ideal for their growth. People living in too hot places should avoid planting miniature roses.


NurseryliveIxora Long


The Red Blooming Bunch for Your Garden

Ixora, also known as Singapuri Ixora, is a pretty cluster of flowers that blooms during the summer season. The flowers can also blossom at different times throughout the year, depending on the place's climate conditions.

The flower species thrive in acidic soil and loves sunlight. Locations with partial shade are also good for the plant. They are easy to maintain and grow and ideal for balconies or gardens.


NurseryliveLantana Camara


Small Cluster of Flowers All Year Round

Lantana Camara is an evergreen flower that's easy to grow and take care of. They blossom all year round and thrive in temperatures of 20-40 degrees celsius.

The flowering plant can be planted in any soil, but the ideal soil for them is with a slight acidic content that can be enhanced with pine mulch. They enjoy full sunlight and are more suitable for gardens.




A Decorative Flower Specie for Your Home

Begonia belongs to the plant family Begoniaceae. It grows best in areas with shade and partial sunlight. Fertile and well-drained soil is a must for healthy bloom. Unlike some easy to grow flowers, begonia demand much more time and upkeep regularly.

They are sensitive to temperature changes and love cooler temperatures. If you're an avid gardener with experience. Begonia is a viable next option for your place.

Discover More With Our Buying Guides

Discover More With Our Buying Guides

Looking for info about more plants other than flowers? We have assembled buying guides proficiently for your home garden, indoors, or balcony.


Taking care of flowers is just like taking care of a child; Delicate and beautiful at the same time. Adding flowers adds colors to your garden, and living. Even though you are a beginner, every time is the best time to have flowers in your green collection.

Author - Dhruv Manchanda

Top 5 Flowering Plant

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No. 2NurseryliveBougainvillea Dwarf

No. 3NurseryliveHibiscus

No. 4NurseryliveKalanchoe

No. 5NurseryliveBougainvillea

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