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  • 10 Best Kurta Pajama in India 2021 (FabIndia, Manyavar, and more) 1
  • 10 Best Kurta Pajama in India 2021 (FabIndia, Manyavar, and more) 2
  • 10 Best Kurta Pajama in India 2021 (FabIndia, Manyavar, and more) 3
  • 10 Best Kurta Pajama in India 2021 (FabIndia, Manyavar, and more) 4
  • 10 Best Kurta Pajama in India 2021 (FabIndia, Manyavar, and more) 5

10 Best Kurta Pajama in India 2021 (FabIndia, Manyavar, and more)

When it comes to traditional wear for men, a kurta is the equivalent of a T-shirt.It is a long loose shirt that falls below or just above the knees, whereas Pajama is a pair of pants tied by a drawstring around the waist and worn under a kurta. This fail-proof separate is stylish and the most comfortable Indian outfit that’s a must-have in every man’s wardrobe.

So, just in time for the upcoming wedding season, we’ve rounded up our favourite styles and brands of the kurta pajama. From classic kurtas in electric prints to asymmetric handloom designs, check out some of the best kurta pajama sets you can buy in India.

Last updated 23/03/2023
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How to Choose a Kurta Pajama in India – Buying Guide

While this year has been quite dim for India, it’s finally the time to dress up, dance, and have lots of mithai. The wedding season is back, and you can make up for the lost year in the coming months. For men, kurta pajama is a staple garment for weddings and festivities.

From relaxed fits to lightweight, contemporary styles and traditional weaves, various styles, and textures of kurta pajamas are found in the market. To help you make a wise decision to choose what suits your style and go best for the occasion you are shopping, here are some pointers to keep in mind. Read on!

① Look for Styles That Suit Your Body Type

Over the years, kurta pajama has undergone enough changes to give you a new look at every different occasion. From the kind of fabrics used to the designs, patterns, and colours, there are many ways to style this piece of garment. If you’re looking for comfortable kurta styles to suit your body type, here are some types to consider as per your need.

Long Kurta and Churidars Can Make You Look Taller

Long Kurta and Churidars Can Make You Look Taller

Kurta style with the hem a few inches below the knee is considered as the long kurta. It pairs best with the churidar, pajamas, or salwar. Still, a kurta churidar combo can make you look taller, if that’s what you are looking for in this ensemble. The salwar is another option for those with a penchant for height; it's a loose baggy style trouser with a broader cut, for those who prefer loose fit clothing.

When choosing the kurta for this look, you have collared neck options in Chinese or V style or collarless kurtas. You can select whatever neck style you find more comfortable. Long kurtas also have a side slit to add on the comfort of movement while walking or sitting down.

Sherwani Style Kurta Can Give You a Compact Masculine Look

Sherwani Style Kurta Can Give You a Compact Masculine Look

Sherwani is a button-down style kurta that is typically of knee-length with long sleeves and a Chinese collar. Sherwani generally comes in a heavier fabric, such as silk, raw silk, and velvet. Since it a more fitted and trimmed style kurta, it gives a more compact and masculine look.

Sherwanis come with a front slit to make them comfortable while sitting. They also have embellishments, embroideries, and elaborate patterns that you can choose as per your liking. Unlike a basic kurta pajama, sherwanis are worn on special occasions like weddings, cocktail nights, etc.

Semi-Shirt Kurtas Are Made to Fit All Body Types

Semi-Shirt Kurtas Are Made to Fit All Body Types

Semi-shirt kurtas have buttons at the top half of the kurta, making it easier to wear and take off. They are a perfect casual wear kurta for everyday use; you can wear them to the office or pre-wedding celebrations.

Semi-shirt kurta is suited for all body types. It mostly comes in cotton and silk-cotton fabric that’s comparatively loose and can be made to fit easily. You can pair this style of kurta with pajama, denim, casual pants, and corduroys. To give your kurta an Indo-western look, you can even pair it with cargo pants.

Pathani Kurta Pajama Makes for a Classy Traditional Outfit

Pathani Kurta Pajama Makes for a Classy Traditional Outfit

Pathani kurta pajamas originated from the frontiers of Pakistan and Kabul in Afghanistan. Therefore, they are sometimes referred to as Khan suits. Pathani suit has a long kurta withstanding, wide collars that lend a sense of power to the wearer.

Pathani suit is mostly worn in Kashmir and Punjab, and on the occasion of Eid. The suit is accompanied by baggy salwar trousers that can make you look tall and slim. If you want a kurta pajama set that exudes a sense of sophistication and class, you should go with a pathani suit.

Short Kurtas for More Casual Look

Short Kurtas for More Casual Look

Short kurtas are one of the most common and trendiest clothing items that a man can own. They are a perfect substitute for a t-shirt when you want to keep it casual while also following the traditional route.

Short kurtas can be paired with a dhoti or a pair of jeans for regular workdays. If you’re looking for something casual for summer, short kurtas can be your go-to outfit. These also make for a perfect set for pre-wedding celebrations, such as Mehandi or Haldi.

Asymmetrical Kurtas Are a New Contemporary Option

Asymmetrical Kurtas Are a New Contemporary Option

Asymmetric kurtas are the latest trendsetter in the market. From unique cuts over the neck area to high and low lengths at the kurta's end line, asymmetric kurtas come in a range of styles and colours. You can wear it for your pre-wedding festivities or at your friend's wedding.

If you're looking for a modern outfit while keeping up with the traditional style, an asymmetric kurta with a pair of tight-fit pajamas or chinos is the way to go. This kurta style looks best when tightly fitted, so you might want to consider this before buying it.

② Consider the Fabric of a Kurta Pajama According to The Season

Men’s kurta pajama never goes out of fashion; however, its fabric is season-dependent. You would not want to wear a silk kurta for a summer wedding and get drenched in sweat. Similarly, cotton and linen cannot be worn in winters. They are breathable fabrics and will leave you shivering in the cold.

To help you pick the right fabric for your kurta pajama for different seasons, here’s a handy guide.

Go With a Silk, Silk Blend, Velvet, or Khadi for Winters

Go With a Silk, Silk Blend, Velvet, or Khadi for Winters

For men, kurta pajamas are a go-to outfit for all the wedding celebrations. However, braving a kurta in a winter wedding is not an easy task. You would need additional accessories, like a Nehru Jacket, blazer, or a shawl, to beat the cold breeze. You can also choose a fabric that will keep you warm without compromising on the style quotient.

Silk, silk blend, velvet, and khadi are some of the popular fabrics for kurta pajama that go with the festive spirit while keeping you warm and comfortable at the same time. Silk and silk-blend are the most durable fabrics that take colour well and are easy to maintain. 

Khadi is also a durable and soothing fabric, but it won’t keep you that warm, so you would need to pair a khadi pant or a Nehru jacket with your kurta for winter months. Velvet kurtas will also keep you warm during chilly months. However, the kurtas are generally bulky and suited for special occasions as they come with embroidery and embellishments.

Opt for Cotton, and Linen Rayon Kurtas Will Beat the Heat During Summers

Opt for Cotton, and Linen Rayon Kurtas Will Beat the Heat During Summers

With summers comes the annoyance of dealing with heat and sweat while keeping with the trend despite the odds. Cotton and linen are the best fabric to handle the Indian tropical weather and keep you stylish at the same time. They both are breathable fabrics that can soak perspiration.

Cotton kurtas are soft, fluffy, and lightweight, making them a perfect pick for Indian summers. Linen is a natural fiber made from flax plants, and it feels relaxed and comfortable on the skin. Also, linen kurtas are available in soothing shades that will make you look stylish and classy. For summers, pair your kurta with light coloured and loose-styled bottoms to avoid feeling the brunt of the heat.

Get a Kurta in Rayon Fabric for Monsoons

Get a Kurta in Rayon Fabric for Monsoons

Monsoon is quite a tricky season to dress up and flaunt your outfits. Therefore, it is essential to choose outfits in the right fabric to work for the season. Rayon is one fabric that handles monsoon-like none other. It is a manmade fabric made out of the wood pulp, cotton, cellulose, and other natural, synthetic fibers.

Rayon feels comfortable in the moisture and rains as it evaporates the water and sweat quickly while remaining dry. The fabric has a glossy finish like silk, but it is quite affordable as compared to silk. You can pair your rayon kurta with a loosely fitted pajama because it will dry quickly.

③ Choose the Colour of Kurta Depending on the Time of the Event

Choose the Colour of Kurta Depending on the Time of the Event

Now that you've decided on your kurta pajama's style and fabric, it is time to shift your focus to the attire's color. The time of the event plays an essential role in deciding the colour of your kurta pajama. It will help you keep warm on cold nights and cool on hot days and help get good photographs.

Pastel shades pink, mauve, baby blue, peach, lavender, and brighter shades like yellow, bottle green, and pink are appropriate for daytime functions. You can wear these colours during Mehandi and Haldi time or daytime Sikh weddings. 

Likewise, colours such as black, navy blue, cream, and golden are for nighttime festivities. Wearing darker shades in the thick fabric during nights will keep you snug; likewise, lighter shades will help beat the heat during days.

10 Best Kurta Pajama in India

With every passing day, new fabrics, styles, and kurta trends are introduced in the market. With so many different options to choose from, picking up that one perfect kurta pajama could get overwhelming. To help you choose the pair for your wedding or other festivities, we've listed the top 10 kurta pajama brands available in India. Take your pick!
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 FabIndia 1枚目

Handwoven Kurta Fabrics Directly From Indian Artisans



 Manyavar 1枚目

A Brand Known for Its Timeless Celebration Collection


Peter England

 Peter England 1枚目

Peter England Has Some Dapper Kurta Collection


Indus Route by Pantaloons

 Indus Route by Pantaloons 1枚目

Indus Route by Pantaloons


The Indian Garage Co

 The Indian Garage Co 1枚目

Shop for Unique Style Kurtas



 Svanik 1枚目

Style Your Svanik Kurtas in Different Ways



 Sojanya 1枚目

Get a Beautifully Crafted Kurta From Sojanya


House of Pataudi

 House of Pataudi 1枚目

House of Pataudi by Saif Ali Khan



 Abhiyuthan 1枚目

One Stop Shop for 100% Cotton Kurtas



 Even 1枚目

Get Basic A-Line Kurtas at Even

Product details


Handwoven Kurta Fabrics Directly From Indian Artisans

Founded in 1960 by John Bissell, Fabindia is one of the most sort after Indian brands selling handwoven and hand-printed fabrics and ready-made garments. The entire collection of kurtas and pajamas at Fabindia reflects the beauty of Indian traditions. From long kurtas to pathani kurtas to short ones and super short kurtas, Fanindia has it all.

It is more of a casual wear brand and doesn’t have a heavy range of kurtas and sherwani. The kurtas are available in cotton, silk, linen, linen cotton, silk cotton, and cotton viscose, to name a few fabrics. They also have pajamas and churidars available in cotton and viscose tussar fabric. If you’re looking for durable, stylish, and quality kurta pajamas in India, Fabindia is the place to shop.


A Brand Known for Its Timeless Celebration Collection

Manyavar is a brand where you can find anything from casual kurtas to haldi outfits to wedding sherwanis to reception ensemble, all under one roof. They have an exquisite collection of Indo-westerns, bandhgalas, kurtas, and accessories to go with them. They have stores across India and have an online presence as well.

When it comes to fabrics, they have cotton, linen, silk, blended silk, cotton blend, georgette, chikan, silk-cotton blend and many more options to choose from. Their designs, patterns, and colours take the style quotient up a notch. So, if you’ve yet to start shopping for your wedding, consider Manyavar as your go-to destination.


Peter England Has Some Dapper Kurta Collection

We have long known Peter England for its formal clothing. However, its ethnic wear has some fantastic pieces as well. If you want something casual and not so festive, you should check out Peter England. They do have sherwanis, but it’s a pretty limited collection. However, their casual kurtas are comfortable and, considering the quality, quite affordable too.

The cotton-blend kurtas in solid and woven designs are something you should check out at Peter England. The brand has beautifully combined the timeless heritage with modern designs. All the kurtas you’ll find on the website are easy to style.


Indus Route by Pantaloons

Indus Route by Pantaloons

Coming from a mass fashion brand Pantaloons, Indus Route is one of the most trusted names in men’s ethnic wear. From daily wear kurtas to festive and fusion wear pieces, they have a versatile range to choose from. However, the brand doesn’t experiment with the style. So, if you’re looking for Indo western or asymmetric kurtas, you might want to give this brand a pass.

Keeping in mind the season you’re shopping for, linen and cotton kurtas in solids and prints can be picked up from the Indus Route. One of the advantages of shopping from this label is that the kurtas are available in sizes XS to XXXL, therefore serving a more comprehensive range to the audience.


The Indian Garage Co

Shop for Unique Style Kurtas

If you’ve been searching for unique kurta styles that are stylish and affordable, your search ends at The Indian Garage Co. The brand has an exquisite collection of men’s kurtas, from checks to prints to woven designs and colour-blocked patterns. Their pieces are designed, keeping in mind the current trend and style.

The most significant advantage of shopping from the label is that their kurtas are not reserved only for festive wear. You can restyle them and re-wear on different occasions. Wear them to a wedding, then repeat it for a day out with friends or an office Lohri party.


Style Your Svanik Kurtas in Different Ways

If you’re someone who likes to experiment with their clothing, Svanik is the label for you. The brand has it all, from long kurtas with short sleeves to button-down styles to pathani kurtas and kurtas with diagonal slits. Their collection speaks of class with elegance.

For someone who wears kurtas daily and knows how to adapt them with modern footwear, denim and chinos are sure to love the brand. It has something in store for everybody, considering how affordable it is.


Get a Beautifully Crafted Kurta From Sojanya

Speak of elegance and affordable styles, and Sojanya instantly comes to mind. If you’re struggling to find that perfect kurta pajama for your friend’s wedding, your search ends at Sojanya. Their nicely crafted and patterned kurtas are sure to grab attention wherever you go.

You can find dhoti kurta sets, pathani kurtas, and sherwanis in silk, cotton, prints, and unique textures. This is a fantastic brand if you’re looking for affordable and stylish ethnic wear to be worn a few times. The fabric and material aren’t that durable to last for years, so you might want to consider this point before shopping from here.


House of Pataudi

House of Pataudi by Saif Ali Khan

Considering that the House of Pataudi is a celebrity brand, it is quite an affordable one. They have a variety of collections, ranging from daily wear to festive and fusion wear. You can find kurtas in art silk, cotton, linen, polyester, and viscose rayon, allowing you to pick pieces for different seasons.

If you prefer smart fit and sophisticated styles over loosely fitted kurtas, you should check out House of Pataudi. They have short kurtas, asymmetric styles, high-low hem designs, and long side slit kurtas, which is quite a lot to browse.


One Stop Shop for 100% Cotton Kurtas

The brand is known for its 100% cotton kurtas. The majority of kurtas you’ll find at Abhiyuthan are in neutral shades, making for the perfect pick for day wedding celebrations. There are also innumerable versions of striped kurtas and low-length kurtas available.

The customers have highly recommended the label for its bang on fit. The only reason to place Abhiyuthan at the bottom is that they only have cotton kurtas available, which kind of limits the options to browse. That being said, the cotton kurtas are durable and of high quality.


Get Basic A-Line Kurtas at Even

When it comes to building trust among customers, Even knows the trick. Despite having just basic A-line kurtas, the brand has created quite an online reputation for itself. Their kurtas are regular fit, serving sizes from XS to XL.

Most of the kurtas are available in pure cotton, again restricting the variety in terms of fabric. But the material is soft and feels comfortable to the skin. So, if you’re searching for kurtas in basic designs and textures, Even can be your go-to brand.

Clothing and Accessory Options for Men

Clothing and Accessory Options for Men

Who says men have limited clothing and styling options? We have listed out plenty of things that can transform the way men dress up. From hoodies for winter months to comfortable and stylish sneakers, read our top picks for these items for men.


So now you have a good idea about the things to look for while buying a kurta. We have also listed the top 10 best brands available in India where you can find classy, sophisticated and affordable kurtas and pajamas. We hope you find the perfect set for yourself!

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Top 5 Kurta Pajama

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No. 2Manyavar

No. 3Peter England

No. 4Indus Route by Pantaloons

No. 5The Indian Garage Co

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