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  3. 10 Best Wireless Chargers in India 2021(Samsung, Seneo, and more)
  • 10 Best Wireless Chargers in India 2021(Samsung, Seneo, and more) 1
  • 10 Best Wireless Chargers in India 2021(Samsung, Seneo, and more) 2
  • 10 Best Wireless Chargers in India 2021(Samsung, Seneo, and more) 3
  • 10 Best Wireless Chargers in India 2021(Samsung, Seneo, and more) 4
  • 10 Best Wireless Chargers in India 2021(Samsung, Seneo, and more) 5

10 Best Wireless Chargers in India 2021(Samsung, Seneo, and more)

One of the many fantasies in science fiction movies that we grew up watching was wireless charging technology. But the technology has existed for a long time, and we have learned about it in our school too. Even though it took quite a long time to become available for mobile phone charging, we are grateful for its existence.

Many major companies like Samsung, Apple, and more have released wireless charging enables phones in the market. Let's talk about the science behind wireless charging, and after that, we will walk you through some factors you need to consider before buying a wireless charge. In the end, follow our research on the best-recommended products available on Amazon.

Last updated 23/03/2023
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Table of Contents

How to Choose a Wireless Charger in India - Buying Guide

If you are having a tough time deciding the type of wireless charger you want for your smartphone or smartwatch, read our buying guide below.

① Check if Your Device Is Qi Compatible

Check if Your Device Is Qi Compatible

Developed by the Wireless Power Consortium, Qi is a standard used for defining wireless power transfer using inductive charging technology for distances up to 4cm. Don't mistake Qi for a brand new wireless charging technology. It is a standard that defines the features Qi-enabled devices should have.

Just like software, Qi started with version 1.0 that only supported a maximum of 5W charging, then moving on to define additional standards that detect foreign metal objects near the transmitting coil to prevent them from heating up. The latest update in 2017 enabled a maximum of 30W charging.

Please keep in mind that if your phone is Qi-enabled, the wireless charger you buy should also be Qi-enabled. Otherwise, it won't work.

② Find Out the Supported Charging Wattage

Find Out the Supported Charging Wattage

The second most important factor while buying a wireless charger — check the maximum charging wattage your phone supports. For example, Samsung Galaxy phones with Fast Charge 2.0 supports charging wattage up to 15W. If you are getting a charging pad that only supports lesser wattages, your phone will take longer to charge. 

In short, the higher the wattage faster will be the charging process. If your phone supports only 7.5W charging, but you have a 15W charger only, you don't have to worry about overcharging or damaging as it's the phone that controls the wattage it lets into the battery. 

In fact, getting a wireless charger with higher wattage is actually a future-proofing move. If you decide to change your phone to a better model, you don't have to worry about changing your charger too.

③ For Charging Multiple Devices, Choose a Multi-Coil Charger

For Charging Multiple Devices, Choose a Multi-Coil Charger

As you have read earlier, the charging pads or stands will have one coil or multiple coils through which electricity circulates. There is a receiver coil inside your phone too. If a charging pad only has one coil, it will be your hassle to make sure that both the transmitting and receiving coils are aligned properly for the inductive charging to begin.

The convenience of having a wireless charging phone is negated if you have to DIY to align the phone for the charging to begin. Whereas the ones with multiple coils will create a bigger alternating magnetic field, so you can place your phone in any manner you want.

Some charging pads with multiple coils also support charging multiple devices at once. You can have your iPhone on one end, your friend's Samsung on the other end, and a smartwatch charging in the middle. So, look for the wireless charger with multiple coils if you don't want to compromise with the convenience.

④ Opt for a Design That Suits Your Needs

Wireless chargers basically come in two designs — charging pads and charging stands. Some charging stands can also be converted into charging pads if needed. Let's look at the benefits of each one of them.

Charging Pad for Easier Docking

Charging Pad for Easier Docking

Imagine how convenient it would be if you can dock your phone for charging simply by placing it on a charging pad. You may have to rush to someplace, or busy working, and all you have to do for charging your phone is place it on the pad rather than wasting time in connecting the charging cord to your phone.

Charging pads with multiple coils don't require you to be extremely careful while placing your phone. You can place it horizontally, diagonally, vertically, or in any position you want; it will charge.

Charging Stand–Charge While Streaming

Charging Stand–Charge While Streaming

Maybe you are watching a movie when the phone indicates that its battery is about to die. Since the charging pad can only allow your phone to be at most 4 cm away from the pad, you can't hold your phone either. The charging stand becomes a convenient tool in situations like this.

You can continue watching your favorite movie while the phone is on the stand. Not only streaming, but a charging stand also makes it easy for you to check the time and notifications popping up on the screen. It also supports keeping your phone vertically or horizontally, depending on your convenience.

⑤ Get a Magnetic Charging Dock for Your Smart Watch

Get a Magnetic Charging Dock for Your Smart Watch

No, it is not a different technology than a smartphone wireless charger. A smartwatch charger uses the same technology as a smartphone wireless charging pad, except a magnet is present on the watch's metal bottom. This magnet makes sure that the watch stays stable on the charger.

You can charge your smartwatch on a smartphone wireless charging pad too. But the latter is more expensive. If you have plans to buy a phone that supports wireless charging, investing in a charging pad would be a good idea; it's always a matter of personal preference.

⑥ Watch Out for the Back Case Material and Thickness

Watch Out for the Back Case Material and Thickness

Yes, there are some drawbacks to wireless charging. Even though we call it "wireless", we need to connect the charging pad or the stand to the power supply using a cable. For most people, that may not be an issue. But here are two elements that may interfere with your wireless charger's performance — back case material and its thickness.

Since wireless charging works by the principle of electromagnetic induction, any metal object nearby or your phone's metal back case will reduce the charging speed by soaking up all the electromagnetic energy. In the process, the metal object will get heated up too.

The more the thickness of your phone's back case, the further the electromagnetic energy needs to travel to reach the receiver coil on your phone. The power that reaches the coil will be lesser too. So, try to remove the case with every charge or opt for thin ones to get the accurate speed.

10 Best Wireless Chargers in India

We researched the best wireless chargers in the market based on the factors we will talk about in the sections blow. Firstly, here are our recommendations to make your shopping experience easier.
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Fast Charge

Samsung Fast Charge 1枚目

Convertible Stand/Pad for Your Convenience



WaveStand 191

Seneo WaveStand 191 1枚目

Seneo Wavestand 191



Arc 1350

RAEGR Arc 1350 1枚目

3-in-1 Wireless Charging Pad



F303 Wireless Charger

Spigen F303 Wireless Charger 1枚目

Unique Design for Optimum Viewing Experience



Apple Watch Night Stand

Spigen Apple Watch Night Stand 1枚目

Night Stand Dock for Your Smartwatch



Compact Fast Wireless Charger

Spigen Compact Fast Wireless Charger 1枚目

Leather Pad Provides Better Grip



PowerWave Stand

Anker PowerWave Stand 1枚目

Comes With Double Coils for Quick Charging



Wireless Mobile Charger

Tru-Vic  Wireless Mobile Charger 1枚目

Silicone Pads for Better Grip



Portable Wireless Watch Charger

X-Kim Portable Wireless Watch Charger 1枚目

Portable Smartwatch and iPhone Charger



Arc 500

RAEGR Arc 500 1枚目

Comes With a Double Type-C Cable

Product details

SamsungFast Charge


Convertible Stand/Pad for Your Convenience

Samsung Fast Charge Wireless Charging Stand supports fast-charging up to 9W. The convertible pad/stand is a convenient feature of this charging stand that allows vertical or horizontal device orientation. Depending upon your need, the charging pad can be converted to a pad and vice versa.

Usually, wireless chargers tend to get hot while working, but this Samsung Fast Charge features a cooling fan to tackle this problem. The pack comes with a fast charge wall charger and a USB-Type C cable too.

This wireless charger supports multiple Qi-enabled devices, and the leather-like finish of this charger adds to the aesthetics of your home as well.


SeneoWaveStand 191


Seneo Wavestand 191

Seneo WaveStand 191 offers a maximum charging wattage of 7.5W. All phone models that fall under this range can be charged using this wireless charger. This wireless charger also supports wired charging of iWatch and AirPods, making it a great option for Apple lovers.

The key feature of the Seneo WaveStand 191 is the detachable charging dock, which makes it easy to carry around. The wireless phone charging dock is connected to the wired charging dock of AirPods and iWatch by a magnet that can be removed if you plan to carry your wireless phone charger to your office.

Seneo WaveStand 191 comes with a USB-Type C cable and intelligent temperature control, and overcharge protection for your devices.


RAEGRArc 1350


3-in-1 Wireless Charging Pad

RAEGR Arc 1350 is a wireless charging pad that supports up to 10 W. The product features three coils — two 10W coils and a 2.5W coil in the middle for charging your smartwatch or AirPods. This wireless charger will support fast charging for devices with a back case thickness of no more than 8mm.

RAEGR Arc 1350 has a lightweight design and comes with a gentle green light indicator that does not disturb your sleep. Some safety features offered by this wireless charger are overvoltage protection, overcharge protection, and short circuit protection.


SpigenF303 Wireless Charger


Unique Design for Optimum Viewing Experience

Spigen F303 Wireless Charger supports smartphone charging up to 9W. If you want to check your phone occasionally or watch movies while charging, this product is for you. The phone can be placed horizontally or vertically depending on your convenience, as there are multiple coils inside this charging stand.

This product's fast-charging capability can charge your phone from 0 to 100% in 3 hours and 15 minutes. Spigen F303 Wireless Charger supports fast charging for phones that have a back case thickness up to 10 mm; that's 11 credit cards stacked up one on top of the other.

The recommended wattage of the adaptor needed for this wireless charger is 10 W or higher. For fast charging, make sure the charger supports Quick Charge 2.0.


SpigenApple Watch Night Stand


Night Stand Dock for Your Smartwatch

Most wireless chargers that support smartwatch charging either come as a pad or a multi-device charger. You don't have to get a wireless smartphone charger if your point is to charge a smartwatch only. Also, having a smartwatch charging stand is more convenient as it can be used as a mini clock

Spigen Apple Watch Night Stand s350 has a gentle pink color that adds style to your office or home. The Nanotac material on the bottom of this wireless charger sticks to any surface for the safety of your watch and wireless charger.

If the strap color of your Apple watch compliments the gentle pink of this wireless charger, go for it. It is useful and stylish.


SpigenCompact Fast Wireless Charger


Leather Pad Provides Better Grip

Spigen Compact Fast Wireless Charger supports wireless charging for devices up to 10W. With a Quick Charge 2.0 or 3.0 adaptor, this wireless charger can support fast charging for your android and apple devices. The leather finish on the top not only gives it an elegant look but also grips your phone securely.

You don't have to worry about overheating or overcharging issues with this product due to prolonged usage. Spigen Compact Fast Wireless Charger comes with a 3.2 feet cable and is compatible with all Spigen phone cases. People who brought this product are extremely happy with its performance and the stylish look it adds to their offices and bedrooms.


AnkerPowerWave Stand


Comes With Double Coils for Quick Charging

Anker Powerwave Stand supports device charging up to 5W. This wireless charger features two coils for quick charging times of 3.5 hours, from 0 to 100%. The double coil also enables you to keep your phone horizontally or vertically, depending on your convenience If you think you’re someone who usually forgets their phone for charging, then this feature of overheat and overvoltage protection will be a good-to-go thing.

Customers who brought this product are impressed with the stylish full black design and the friendly customer support they received after their purchase. Lastly, Anker Powerwave Stand comes with a blue light indicator when it is charging. The pack includes a 3 feet cable too.


Tru-Vic Wireless Mobile Charger


Silicone Pads for Better Grip

The specialty of the TRU-VIC Wireless Mobile Charger is the silicone pad that provides a better grip for your smartphone on the pad. The anti-slip mat also comes on the bottom of this charging pad, making it apt for placing it on a car's dashboard or armrest. This charging pad supports wireless charging for devices up to 10W.

Another feature of this product is the brackets available for placing your phone in a horizontal position, which is useful while using a navigation app. But the drawback is while the phone is on the brackets, the wireless charging won't work.

What impressed the customers most is the strong build of this charging pad and the anti-slip mat, which, from their experience, is very convenient while traveling.


X-KimPortable Wireless Watch Charger


Portable Smartwatch and iPhone Charger

X-Kim 2 in 1 Portable Wireless Charger comes with a 2.5W wireless charging pad for smartwatches and a 12 W cable for your iPhone. Yes, it is a 2-in-1 charger that has a durable 4.9 feet cable for everyday use. The wireless charger can charge your smartwatch under 2.5 hours and your iPhone under 3 hours, from 0 to 100%.

This gadget is perfect for travel as its lightweight and small size makes it easier for carrying it around in a bag. Even though the wireless charger and the iPhone charger converge from one single USB cable, you don't have to worry about both devices interfering with each other while charging.

X-Kim Portable Wireless Charger is made with thermoplastic ABS material, which is a thermoplastic heat resistant material.


RAEGRArc 500


Comes With a Double Type-C Cable

RAEGR Arc 500 supports wireless charging up to 10W. The double Type-C cable makes it convenient for storage, as the cable can be detached from the wireless charger itself. The light indicator in this wireless charging keeps blinking if there is any metal object near the charging pad that is interfering with the charging process.

This wireless charger features intelligent temperature control, surge protection, and short circuit prevention. The customers who bought this product are especially impressed with the rubber top and bottom that grips the phone to the charger and the charger to the surface.

More Gadgets for Your Smartphone

More Gadgets for Your Smartphone

As smartphone owners, the products we buy should be convenient and stylish too, as much it has got the value for money. Browse through our articles about wireless earbuds, headphones, and power banks that will help you choose wisely.


As much as a wireless charger seems to add comfort to our daily lives, the charging speed, and metal interference still stay as drawbacks of this technology. Although the technology may seem expensive for some, it is still in its early stages. Hopefully, the advancements in this area will fix all the current issues and bring us the perfect gadget to make our lives better.

Author - Arun F Xaviour

Top 5 Wireless Charger

No. 1SamsungFast Charge

No. 2SeneoWaveStand 191

No. 3RAEGRArc 1350

No. 4SpigenF303 Wireless Charger

No. 5SpigenApple Watch Night Stand

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