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  • 10 Best Home Garden Plants in India 2021(Kadi Patta, Hibiscus, and more) 1
  • 10 Best Home Garden Plants in India 2021(Kadi Patta, Hibiscus, and more) 2
  • 10 Best Home Garden Plants in India 2021(Kadi Patta, Hibiscus, and more) 3
  • 10 Best Home Garden Plants in India 2021(Kadi Patta, Hibiscus, and more) 4
  • 10 Best Home Garden Plants in India 2021(Kadi Patta, Hibiscus, and more) 5

10 Best Home Garden Plants in India 2021(Kadi Patta, Hibiscus, and more)

Waking up early morning and watching plants dancing in the breeze filled with the fragrance of new flowers just makes the best of all. It’s bliss to live with plants. It becomes necessary to take good care of them and plant suitable ones as per the place where you live. With growing health consciousness and fondness for nature, there is no better time to start with your first plant. You start feeling better mentally, and physically once you start gardening.

Identifying different plants, having a variety, knowing the ones that suit them best, and plenty more; We have assembled a buying guide for you with all essential aspects to help you be a better gardener even if you’re a beginner. A journey of thousand miles starts with a single step.

Last updated 23/03/2023
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Table of Contents

How to Choose a Home Garden Plant in India - Buying Guide

Instead of having a single type of plant, adding a variety adds colors to the garden and makes it more beautiful. Let’s focus on things to consider before buying one.

① Keep in Mind Space You Have at Home

Keep in Mind Space You Have at Home

Just imagine that you planted a small-sized peepal tree, and after some time, you realize that it’s all over the place, or you might see the roots are coming out of the pot. It is the last thing you would want because transplantation at a later stage will be problematic.

Assess the space you have and consider plants accordingly. If you have limited space like a balcony or small lawn, opt for small plants like succulents, ornamental, or medicinal plants, the ones that can be planted in your limited area. If you can afford huge space for big plants that can grow more than 5-6 meters in height, you should go ahead as suitable.

② Do Pay Good Heed to Where You Live, as All Plants Don’t Thrive Everywhere

Do Pay Good Heed to Where You Live, as All Plants Don’t Thrive Everywhere

If you live in a hot or humid region, some rosy or ornamental plants from a cold region won’t survive because of the climatic differences. However, some plants can tolerate the sweltering temperatures, whereas some can thrive in the chilly winters when they come. Keep this in focus and bring home plants according to the climate of the place where you live.

Let’s take an example of Cherry Blossom trees; they require a temperature of 7 degrees celsius or less to bloom. So, if you happen to be from Delhi or Tamil Nadu or places with temperature touching as high as 40 and above,  they won’t be able to survive. Decorating and getting the plants best according to your climate reduces maintenance.

③ If You’re a Beginner Start With Plants That Require Less Care

If You’re a Beginner Start With Plants That Require Less Care

Growing plants is very much equivalent to taking care of babies. The better and good care you give to your plants, the better they thrive and grow. If you are beginning with your green thumb story, get plants that can be easily maintained. The crucial part of growing plants is to understand them. They are living beings and thrive as much we are in sync with them.

As a beginner, bring home plants that require minimal care. For example, a neem plant can survive without water for days, so even if you’re a pro-traveler, you don’t have to worry about it. As you slowly start to get more involved with your gardening, get the ones that require extensive care.

As a basic rule, if you are not very clear about sunlight conditions apt for the plant, generally 3-6 hours of sunlight a day is ideal for the plant and natural direct bright light for the rest of the day.

④ Add Variety to Your Garden

Nobody likes a single type of plant taking up all the space you have available. Add a variety to make it more lush-y and beautiful.

Let Your Garden Bloom With Flowering Plants

Let Your Garden Bloom With Flowering Plants

Flowers are the epitome of beauty in a garden with different colors and patterns; a garden without flowers is sober. Some flowers grow all year round like hibiscus, and some seasonal ones like the flame vine.

As you progress with your gardening, you can graft different flower stems and grow different colored flowers. Those are hybrid by nature. Enjoying the flowers as they bloom and color up your garden with different shades, it's a different level of bliss.

Grow Fruits and Vegetables for Your Table

Grow Fruits and Vegetables for Your Table

Picking up fresh vegetables from your garden for your meal is a unique experience, and once you taste the quality of fresh vegetables, you’ll be longing for it again and again. It is that good and healthy!

For beginners, start with herbs and veggies like dhania, pudina, lemongrass. As it only takes about 3 weeks for dhania to grow. Starting easy lets you grow confident in taking care of saplings. As you gain expertise with them, slowly move to more veggies like tomato, bell pepper, potato, carrots, and many more.

Medicinal Plants for a Stronger Immunity

Medicinal Plants for a Stronger Immunity

The garden is your place for food on your plate. It is the place for taking care of your well being as well. Having certain medicinal plants in the garden is really helpful. Medicinal plants like tulsi, neem, moringa are really easy to grow and have lots of benefits.

Keeping a variety of medicinal plants in your garden and regular intake helps boost your immunity and strengthening it against disease or mild illness. During the Covid pandemic, many people realized the value of Ayurveda, and due to regular intake of certain herbs and plants, many averted falling sick during such times.

⑤ Know the Different Ways to Pot Your Plants

There’s a traditional way to pot your new plant in a terracotta pot, and it looks good. But there are plenty of ways to add a unique look to your garden as well. With increasing awareness about making the best out of waste and reusing things at home, there’s no better place to utilize a few for your garden.

Wooden Crates Are Inexpensive

Wooden Crates Are Inexpensive

You may have a wooden crate at home, utilize it to plant your plants. Not only do they look stylish, but are eco friendly as well. One of the significant advantages of wood over plastic is its ability to drain excess water effectively. You won’t be choking your plant with blocked seepage like in plastic.

Also, you can utilize wooden drawers at home for this purpose. Wooden crates or boxes can be easily availed, and they are inexpensive if you decide to buy one from a local second-hand store. One of the drawbacks of wood is being prone to rot. Prefer rot-resistant woods like cedar or redwood or paint them with non-toxic paint to prevent decay.

Fabric Pots Are Underrated

Fabric Pots Are Underrated

Fabric pots are really good for potting plants. In fabric pots, The roots of the plants grow towards the edge of the pot, whereas in plastic pots, the roots of the plant start to circle down towards the bottom looking for air, which creates a big root mass and eventually chokes the plant causing it to die.

Fabric materials allow air to flow in and out of the pot, letting the plant grow better. The roots receive better oxygen and absorb nutrients more efficiently due to good airflow.

Better choices include the bags that blend plastic and textile fibers; plants thrive in these, as those made entirely of fabric often don't hold up for the entire growing season. Grocery bags are an excellent example of these. You can search specifically for these bags as many eco-friendly fabric pots are available.

Metal Containers Look Good Too

Metal Containers Look Good Too

You have utensils or metal containers that are no longer useful for daily purposes but can be an adequate pot for your plant. Metal containers look pretty, and overtime a patina forms over the surface, which adds an excellent rustic and beautiful look to your utensil and, of course, your garden.

One of the significant advantages is they last for many years compared to other kinds of pots. One thing to care about is the tendency of metal containers to heat up in the sun, which can burn the plants' roots. You can add a fiber layer between the plant and the metal container to protect it from excess heat. Another best way is to keep it in a shady location, which is a much simpler way.

Choose Between the Classic Terracotta or Ceramic Pot

Choose Between the Classic Terracotta or Ceramic Pot

Terracotta pots are very common and are present in almost every home garden, balcony, or backyard. Terracotta is an Italian term that means baked earth. They’re made from a porous material, which means they let more moisture and more air pass through, and they come with at least one big drainage hole in the bottom. They are good for moisture control.

Ceramic pots are terracotta pots in nature but with a lacquer coat on the surface that prevents the soil from drying out fast. They look good and can be placed in highlight spots for their appearance. One of the facts to take care of is they are preferable for plants that need a standing or stagnant water.

10 Best Home Garden Plants in India

There are thousands of varieties to choose from and it ain't easy. So, keeping in mind all the important aspects we have selected a range of plants that are easy to grow and maintain.
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Nursery Live


Nursery Live Bougainvillea  1枚目

The Evergreen Bloomer for Your Garden



Ficus Starlight

NurseryLive Ficus Starlight 1枚目

The Elegant Evergreen That Is a Brilliant Air Purifier



Kadi Patta

NurseryLive Kadi Patta 1枚目

The Aromatic and Distinct Medicinal Plant



Hibiscus, Gudhal Flower

NruseryLive Hibiscus, Gudhal Flower 1枚目

The Elegant Beauty That Blooms All Year



Cyprus Golden

NurseryLive Cyprus Golden 1枚目

The Golden Leaf Touch for Your Garden



Lemon Grass

NurseryLive Lemon Grass 1枚目

The Fragrant Herbal Herb



Banana Plant

NurseryLive Banana Plant 1枚目

One of the Best Garden Fruit Plants



Alpinia Purpurata

NurseryLive Alpinia Purpurata 1枚目

The Showy and Fragnant Plant



Furcraea Gigantea Striata

NurseryLive Furcraea Gigantea Striata 1枚目

The Swordshaped Evergreen Shrub



Neem Plant

NurseryLive Neem Plant 1枚目

The Miracle Tree With Lot of Benefits

Product details

Nursery LiveBougainvillea


The Evergreen Bloomer for Your Garden

Bougainvillea is very famous among gardeners and nature lovers. You may have seen them hanging on walls or covering up the garden with their leaves. There are different bougainvillea varieties with different colored flowers like white, pink, red, or even hybrid colors. 

They have flowers all year round on them. Do watch out that the plant gets thorns on its stems; when you prune it, be careful. You can grow them as a hedge, as ground cover, or along a wall; their versatile nature makes them present in almost every garden.


NurseryLiveFicus Starlight


The Elegant Evergreen That Is a Brilliant Air Purifier

Ficus starlight is a beautiful evergreen plant. One of the major attractions of this plant, despite its beauty, is its ability to grow even in poor growing conditions like. They can even grow in not-so-fertile soil as well and can sustain without water for days. They are a true eye-catcher with their white and green colored mixed foliage and silver-grey branches.

One of the characteristics of this plant is to retain its tree-like shape despite its size. So, you can trim it to keep it as bonsai size or let it grow bigger and dense in your garden. They are brilliant air purifiers as well, keeping the air around them clean and fresh. 


NurseryLiveKadi Patta


The Aromatic and Distinct Medicinal Plant

Kadi Patta is a very famous plant in India, it is also known as sweet neem. It is a very low maintenance plant and easy to grow as well. You can be keep it in pots or allowed it to grow full size of about 2-6 meters. The plant has a distinct aroma in its leaves, so whenever you add it to your curries or other dishes, you are sure to experience a better taste. 

Kaddi Patta is widely used in the kitchen and by almost every other household. The plant also produces white colored fragrant flowers during springtime. Its leaves are known for its anti-diabetic nature and also lowers blood cholesterol levels.


NruseryLiveHibiscus, Gudhal Flower


The Elegant Beauty That Blooms All Year

The elegant bloom of hibiscus is a charm on its own; dangling flowers with their soft petals and on dense foliage, blooming every other day, shall always have your attention. It is said giving a hibiscus meant that the giver was acknowledging the receiver's delicate beauty.

As beautiful it looks, it is very beneficial as well. Hibiscus is known well for lowering blood pressure, blood fat levels, and boosting antioxidants with its intake; Hibiscus tea is one popular way to gain its benefits. They are also useful for hair. It is an easy to grow plant and has a lot of variety in its genus family, around a hundred to be precise.


NurseryLiveCyprus Golden


The Golden Leaf Touch for Your Garden

Dangling golden-colored leaves, dancing with the breeze in sunlight. Cyprus golden is a beautiful addition to consider for the garden. They are nonflowering but their golden leaves make up for the shine and charm. They can also reach up to 25-35 feet, so those who love bushy leaves in their garden, this one is your deal. 

They are easy to grow and owing to their capability to stand in hot and dry conditions, they are easy to maintain as well. One of their unique points is they can withstand salty conditions very well; People living near coastal areas can plant it without worries. 


NurseryLiveLemon Grass


The Fragrant Herbal Herb

Lemongrass is a prevalent herb known for its herbal beverages. After the pandemic onset, many people realized the advantages of having lemongrass in their backyard, balcony, or garden. The plant grows in dense clumps and can reach up to 6 feet.

It's easy to grow and maintain. Many medicinal properties of plants like aiding in digestion, enhancing antioxidants, regulating blood pressure, boosting metabolism, reducing fat, and many more make it a definite addition to your garden.


NurseryLiveBanana Plant


One of the Best Garden Fruit Plants

Banana is one of the best fruit plants. The unique leaf shape and the delicious fruits growing in the backyard are a treat on a treat. It can reach a height of up to 4 meters. It is easy to grow and can survive well in moderate weather conditions.

The soil should be well-drained, fertile, and rich in organic content for growing banana plant. Since fruit plants attract many insects, you can use Neem oil, Eucalyptus oil, or Citrus oil spray for its protection.


NurseryLiveAlpinia Purpurata


The Showy and Fragnant Plant

Alpinia is a tall, upright, herbaceous, evergreen plant. The beautiful shooting flowers of this plant are a sight to behold. You will always see an Alpine tree in the gardens near your house as they are commonly found. They are easy to grow and can survive cold temperatures very well. They can touch a height of up to 12 feet.

The plant also has medicinal capabilities; the leaves of plants are known good for stomachache. The plant has fragrant flowers which attract many birds, bees, and butterflies for nectar. 


NurseryLiveFurcraea Gigantea Striata


The Swordshaped Evergreen Shrub

Furcraea Gigantea is a beautiful landscape plant for your garden. With its green and white blend sword-shaped leaves, it adds great elegance. The plant can attain a maximum height of up to 5 feet. You can keep it in a pot as well but a bigger pot is preferable. 

They look majestic wherever they are planted. Even for beginners, they are easy to grow. They can survive in hot conditions and require moderate water.


NurseryLiveNeem Plant


The Miracle Tree With Lot of Benefits

Neem tree is very well known as a miracle tree. Every part of the tree has significant benefits for well being. It can grow into a full-fledged tree up to 30 meters in open spaces. The tree has a very cool nature, and temperatures around the tree are up to 10 degrees cooler.

It can be kept as a small plant with regular pruning or planted in a pot as well. The plant thrives well in hot and drought-like conditions. It's a very low maintenance plant and is very easy to grow. Do take care of good soil and regular sunlight. 

Plant for Your Indoors

Plant for Your Indoors

Indoor plants are gaining popularity, and with the level of pollution in cities, they have become more of a necessity for clean air. We have assembled a useful buying guide about indoor plants too. Feel free to check.


Plants are an essential part of our life; life is incomplete and colorless without greenery. Though it takes time, once you fall in tune with gardening, there is no looking back. Be open to making mistakes and enjoy as you grow for fun. 

Author - Dhruv Manchanda

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No. 5NurseryLiveCyprus Golden

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