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  • 10 Best Indoor Plants in India 2021(Ugaoo, Plantsveda, and More) 1
  • 10 Best Indoor Plants in India 2021(Ugaoo, Plantsveda, and More) 2
  • 10 Best Indoor Plants in India 2021(Ugaoo, Plantsveda, and More) 3
  • 10 Best Indoor Plants in India 2021(Ugaoo, Plantsveda, and More) 4
  • 10 Best Indoor Plants in India 2021(Ugaoo, Plantsveda, and More) 5

10 Best Indoor Plants in India 2021(Ugaoo, Plantsveda, and More)

Indoor plants should be added to your home decor because they enhance the space's aesthetic value and purify the air you breathe. Moreover, people are becoming increasingly aware of health preservation, and indoor plants can be the first step towards good health for your family.

More and more nurseries are coming up in the country to cater to the increasing demand for plants. This is proof that plants, especially indoor plants, have created a big market, especially after the pandemic. Plants are also extensively used for aesthetic purposes, but their benefits go way beyond decoration. 

Last updated 23/03/2023
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How to Choose Best Indoor Plants in India - Buying Guide

There are a bunch of benefits that indoor plants can give. However, you need to analyze a few basic things such as light, temperature, weather, etc., to determine the right kind of plant for your indoor space. Check out a few such factors that you need to consider before bringing home a new green member.

① Assess the Space Where You Will Put the Plants

Assess the Space Where You Will Put the Plants

Most indoor plants need a decent amount of natural light to blossom. There are very few plants that can grow well in the shade. It would be best to keep your indoor plants on tables near a window or a window sill. This would give them sufficient natural light and increase their life.

Additionally, it would help if you also placed these plants away from windows that receive direct sunlight even for a couple of hours in a day. Too much sunlight can scorch the roots and the leaves of most of your indoor plants. A few varieties of ferns and lilies might need some sunlight, but even they do not need bright sunlight pouring over them.

② Know How Much Care They Need

Know How Much Care They Need

You must invest time in your plants. No plant deserves to be brought home and neglected. It would help if you took out some time in the morning to tend to them. Although most indoor plants need to be watered once every few days, you must regularly check on their health. Also, they do not need to be overwatered. 

Every few days, you should spray some water on the leaves and moisten the soil as more indoor plants die due to overwatering than underwatering. In case you do not find any time to take care of your plants, we would recommend you to buy low-maintenance plants

Many such plants are available as succulents and pothos that can flourish even without much care and attention. You must also keep a few basic tools like a water sprayer, manure, and hoe handy. You do not need to be an expert gardener to give your plants a long and healthy life.

③ Choose According to Your Purpose and Interest

Choose According to Your Purpose and Interest

Before buying plants for your home, you need to analyze the purpose you want them to serve. If your purpose is to add beauty to your interior, you may choose plants like areca palm that can also be placed in big pots. However, if you wish to go beyond that, medicinally beneficial plants such as aloe vera must be purchased.

All the plants will purify the air around them - some just do it more than the others. Once the air purifying is out of your mind, you can chase the next target of adding plants with more benefits. A few culinary herbs like mint and parsley can also be grown indoors with sufficient care.

10 Best Indoor Plants in India

Plants can certainly give that required vibes to the room, so getting one won’t be an expense, rather you can consider it as an investment for a positive atmosphere. Here, check out our 10 best recommended plants for your house or office. 
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Snake Plant

Ugaoo Snake Plant 1枚目

Get Oxygen at Night As Well



Golden Money Plant

Ugaoo Golden Money Plant 1枚目

The Best Air-Purifier


Leafy Tales Store

Peace Lily

Leafy Tales Store Peace Lily 1枚目

Thrives in Low Sunlight



Aloe Vera

Plantsveda Aloe Vera 1枚目

Filled With Medicinal Benefits


E-Garden Store

Jade Plant

E-Garden Store Jade Plant 1枚目

Bring Home Some Good Luck


Harit - The Plants Shop

Song of India

Harit - The Plants Shop Song of India 1枚目

Native of the Indian Ocean



Boston Fern

Zooqa Boston Fern 1枚目

Plant With a Lush Green Foliage



Areca Palm

Plantsguru Areca Palm 1枚目

Long Lasting With Minimum Care


Green Steps

Anthurium Red

Green Steps Anthurium Red 1枚目

Good Luck for Relationships


Indian Gardens


Indian Gardens Aralia 1枚目

A Tropical Delight

Product details

UgaooSnake Plant


Get Oxygen at Night As Well

Snake plant, or mother-in-law's tongue, is one of the most popular and low-maintenance plants commonly found in Indian homes. This ornamental plant is also great at removing toxins from the room. It absorbs CO2, benzene, xylene, formaldehyde, and toluene from the air.

It can thrive in 2 to 3 hours of natural light daily and is ideal for people who do not find any time to tend to their plants. It has a strong ability to absorb and remove harmful toxins, which makes it an effective defense against airborne allergies. Its best quality is that, unlike many other plants, it converts CO2 into oxygen even at night.


UgaooGolden Money Plant


The Best Air-Purifier

The money plant is a favourite among the masses. It grows really well in all conditions and is known to bring financial prosperity as well. This is also termed an all-rounder as it purifies the air, increases oxygen inflow, reduces stress, and improves sleeping disorders.

This plant can be grown as bail or creeper on a moss stick or string. It can also be normally grown in a regular pot. It does not necessarily need soil to grow as it germinates in water too. NASA has enlisted this plant among the top 3 plants for enhancing indoor air quality. Adding a cherry to the cake is its effortless maintenance. A highly recommended plant for all!


Leafy Tales StorePeace Lily


Thrives in Low Sunlight

This flowering beauty can add grace to your home by its presence. It can thrive even if you forget to water it for a few days. Also, it does well without much light. Apart from removing harmful toxins from the outside, the peace lily also protects you from harmful vapours inside the house.

It is great at absorbing excess moisture from its surroundings. Therefore, people keep this plant in the kitchen and washroom as it prevents the growth of a white layer of mildew on other substances like shower curtains and kitchen sinks. It also helps in removing mold spores from the air. This product can be a great bedroom plant as well because it promotes good night’s sleep. 


PlantsvedaAloe Vera


Filled With Medicinal Benefits

Aloe vera has long been part of Indian households. Its gel, a natural antiseptic, is used for wounds and is also used as a moisturizer for face and hands in winters. It is one of the most useful plants globally, with its use starting from common household remedies to most of the world's beauty products.

Ayurveda holds aloe vera in high regard. Also, it has been used to cure constipation and worm infestation in the stomach for a long time. Keeping this plant at home has uncountable benefits. Being a succulent plant, it does not require much care and can be grown in any pot, big or small.


E-Garden StoreJade Plant


Bring Home Some Good Luck

Another plant of the succulent variety, Jade is easy to grow in almost all climatic conditions. It is a rough and tough plant that grows really dense in a few months. Additionally, it is known to bring financial good luck in the house it is kept. Many people consider its presence at home or office because of its low maintenance.

It is an evergreen plant with thick branches and leaves. People use these leaves to treat acne, warts, and diarrhea. Simply watering it once every few days you will see it blossom and flourish, making it a popular choice for Indian homes.


Harit - The Plants ShopSong of India


Native of the Indian Ocean

Native to the islands of the Indian Ocean, the Song of India has striped, pointed leaves that arrange spirally on the stem. It is a great indoor plant as it has relatively slow growth and does not require pruning for a long time. It is very commonly found in Indian households, indoors and outdoors.

Additionally, this plant does not outgrow its pot. This means that if you grow it in a small pot and keep it on your tabletop, it will grow accordingly. It is a perfect plant if you are an amateur gardener as it requires minimal care. It is a beautiful plant that can add to the grace of your bedroom or living room.


ZooqaBoston Fern


Plant With a Lush Green Foliage

The Boston Fern is one of the best air-purifying plants that you can bring to your home. It is an evergreen plant that removes toxins from the air and improves the humidity by restoring the air's moisture. Hence, it is ideal for keeping this plant in rooms of people who have dry skin or easily irritable nose or throat.

It is easy to take care of a Boston Fern, but its soil needs to be kept moist. Growing it in soil with a lot of peat compost keeps this plant in perfect health.


PlantsguruAreca Palm


Long Lasting With Minimum Care

Areca Palm is one of the most aesthetically pleasing plants you can keep in your drawing room or living room. It can add 6 to 10 inches to its height every year and remain dense. A fully mature areca palm can even grow to a height of 6 feet. Additionally, it releases negative ions, which help eliminate dust, bacteria, and other allergens from the air. 

It is a low-maintenance plant but won't tolerate complete neglect. It needs to be pruned at least once a month. The soil also needs to be hoed every 3 to 4 weeks which will keep the growth of this plant intact and make it look fresh. It is best to place an areca palm in a big pot in the corner of a room where it receives natural light for many hours in a day.


Green StepsAnthurium Red


Good Luck for Relationships

Anthurium Red is a great gift for newly-wed couples as it is known to bring good luck to relationships. Its beautiful red flowers at the top also give it a unique ornamental value. If this plant is potted in a shiny ceramic pot, it will add luxury to that room.

This plant is also quite easy to grow and has proper foliage under the proper environment. It will produce flowers all year round if kept in a place that receives plenty of indirect sunlight every day. It prefers high humidity environments, so make sure that you mist this plant regularly. 


Indian GardensAralia


A Tropical Delight

This tropical plant species grow into bushy shrubs. They are commonly kept on tables in offices as they promote a pleasant atmosphere by eliminating carbon dioxide and benzene from the air. This cleaner air then promotes good health and a better mood.

They fare best in warm and humid rooms. They are also known to release approximately 97% of the moisture they receive. Therefore, this plant is great for dry skin, sore throat, fatigue, and coughs. Placing this plant in a small pot on a table in every room will create positive vibes throughout the house.

Plant Propagation for Beginners

Many beginners have questions concerning the care for their indoor plants. Most of the plants that we have mentioned are low-maintenance, but they definitely need some maintenance. Watch this video to learn:

1. The right way to water your plants

2. How to make a soil compost

3. How to re-pot your plants

Check Out the Ideal Plants for Your Balcony

Check Out the Ideal Plants for Your Balcony

The indoor plants can take care of the toxins inside your home. However, you need to add plants to your balcony or patio to deal with the pollutants coming from outside. Please read this article that details the best balcony plants, their care, and their benefits.


We cannot stress enough the importance of plants in our homes. They are the best and the easiest way to ensure your family's good health. Many people do not bring plants as they feel they won't find enough time to tend them, eventually dying. This misconception has been taken away by the products we have mentioned above. Most of the plants that we have enlisted require zero to minimum care. So, do not overthink and make your house healthy for your loved ones.

Author: Rudraveer

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