Top 4 Best Mehendi Cones to Buy Online in India 2019

Top 4 Best Mehendi Cones to Buy Online in India 2018

The festival and wedding season is upon us, which means you’ll most likely start seeing lots of people with mehendi stained hands around you. If you need to buy some mehendi cones for the mehendi artist you’ve booked or if you’re just in the mood to do it yourself this year, this article will be useful for you.

We shall explain how you can choose the best mehendi cone according to your needs and also give you a list of the top 4 best henna/mehendi cones you can buy online in India. In addition, we shall also include a few extra tips you can use to achieve a darker stain, so make sure you read all way to the end!

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How to Choose a Mehendi Cone in India – Buying Guide

There are a few things you should keep in mind while choosing in order to get the best mehendi cone to suit your needs.

Go for Maroon or Brownish Red Mehendi if You Want to Avoid Chemicals

Go for Maroon or Dark Red Mehndi if You Want to Avoid Chemicals

Jet black mehendi is becoming increasingly popular but we wouldn’t want to recommend that because even though it’s on trend, it’s not the safest option. If you want to stick to natural henna, make sure you choose mehendi cones that give you maroon or brownish red stains rather than black stains.

This point is especially important for those with sensitive skin, as well as those with kids who want to get mehendi. Henna stains cannot naturally be black and while there are certain natural ingredients that can be added, most people substitute them with chemical ones instead.

Check the Reviews to Make Sure the Mehendi is Not Clumpy

Check the Reviews to Make Sure it's not Clumpy

One of the most disappointing things that can happen when you buy mehendi cones is realising that the henna mix is clumpy and inconsistent. The best way to avoid this is by checking reviews online to know what other users have to say, so you don’t have to buy the cones yourself; by doing this, you save time and money.

Number of Cones and Narrowness of the Ends Depends on the Designs

Aside from the formulation, there are certain other aspects that depend on the kind of mehendi designs you like.

If You Like Finer Designs, Choose Cones without Pre-Cut Tips

If you Like Finer Designs, Choose Cones with Pointier Ends

If you’re interested in intricate designs that require very fine lines, then you should make sure that the henna cones you’re buying have sharp tips.

Therefore, it’s always better to choose cones that have tips that haven’t been pre-cut, so you can cut them open yourself and make the tip as pointy as you’d like.

Make Sure You Get Enough Cones if You Like More Elaborate Patterns

Make Sure You Get Enough Cones if You Like More Elaborate Patterns

Those who want really elaborate patterns should make sure they get enough cones to cover that; it would be pretty nerve-wracking to realise that you’ve not got enough cones left to finish a design and you need to improvise midway.

This bit is also relevant for those who want mehendi on their hands, as well as their feet, especially if the designs on both are going to be fancy because they would definitely need more henna cones than usual.

Top 4 Best Mehendi Cones to Buy Online in India

Now that you know everything about how you should choose a mehendi cone, let us now reveal our picks for the top 4 best mehendi cones you can buy online in India.

4. Golecha Fast Henna Cones

4. Golecha Fast Henna Cones

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Price: ₹445

Fast-Staining Mehendi with a Smooth Consistency and Slightly Thicker Tip

These are the mehendi cones for you if you’re looking to save time and need fast-staining henna with a smooth consistency. These cones have slightly thicker tips, so we’d recommend using them for less intricate designs as it would be much easier to do those with these.

Although, they don’t give you the best value for money as not only is it quite expensive but half of the cones are actually for black henna. Additionally, there is a chance that these aren’t all-natural since they stain so quickly, and while there haven’t been any reports of any irritations, we wouldn’t suggest these to those with sensitive skin.

3. Expert Traders Mehndi Cone Box

3. Expert Traders Mehndi Cone Box

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Price: ₹400

Clump-Free Formula and a Fine Tip for Detailed Patterns

If you want to avoid any sort of clumps and want mehendi cones with the smoothest consistency, these are the ones for you. The tips of these cones are really sharp, so you can work on finer patterns without any issues, and the colour of the stain is beautiful too as you get a dark, almost brown, red.

There are 6 cones in one pack, so it might seem a bit expensive initially, but considering the quality, they’re definitely worth the investment. It’s especially recommended for those who do not wear mehendi very often but want to splurge on high-quality cones for a wedding or festival.

2. Prem Dulhan Mehandi Cone

2. Prem Dulhan Mehandi Cone

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Price: ₹120

Affordable, Fast-Drying Henna for Those Who’re Still Learning the Art

Those looking for slightly faster drying henna with a non-clumpy formula should go for this one. Initially, when you’ll scrape it off, it’ll only give you an orange-red stain, but you’ll notice a huge difference in the colour after 24 hours as it’ll turn into a dark cherry red colour, confirming that the mehendi is natural.

The tip of the cones is not too sharp, so we suggest using these for designs that require thicker lines and less intricate patterns. Since these are really affordable and you get 12 cones in one pack, we would especially recommend these for people who’re still learning the art and want something they can use to practice.

1. Kaveri Mehendi Cone

1. Kaveri Mehendi Cone

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Price: ₹120

Budget-Friendly Cones with Zero Clumps and Sharp Tip for Fine Lines

The best mehendi cones on the market, these have a velvety formulation that ensures the henna doesn’t clump and allows you to create designs without any interruptions. They give a reddish stain initially that turns brownish-red once it peaks and lasts for almost a week before it starts fading.

The tips of these cones are sharp, making them perfect for finer, more detailed designs, and they’re not too expensive either, so you won’t have to burn a hole in your pocket to get these. Moreover, if you store them in an air-tight container in the fridge, they’ll last for several months, so you don’t have to use them immediately either.

Get the Best Results by Doing a Few Extra Things

There are a few extra things you could do to ensure you get the best results from your mehendi.

Use Eucalyptus Oil on the Skin Before You Start Applying Henna

Use Eucalyptus Oil on the Skin Before You Start Applying Henna

Before you begin applying henna, you must wash your hands, feet, arms, or whatever part of your body you want to apply it on because it’s important to remove any layers of dirt and sebum from the skin. Once you’re done doing that though, we suggest applying a bit of eucalyptus oil on the skin.

Not only does it smell great but it also helps the pigment from the henna absorb better, so you get a much darker stain that lasts for longer as well. Do wait for a while after you’ve applied the oil though because you need to give it enough time to sink into the skin, so it can perform its magic better.

Let it Dry Naturally and Keep it on for 8 to 12 Hours

Let it Dry Naturally and Keep it on for 8 to 12 Hours

Waiting for your mehendi to dry can be one of the most tedious things to do because it greatly limits what sort of activities you can do, so it’s not surprising when people try to hasten the process with blow-dryers and table-fans. However, that is really not the way to go if you want your mehendi to be beautiful and dark.

It’s suggested to leave the mehendi on for as long as you can but we’d say 8 to 12 hours should be long enough for the pigment to properly darken. Therefore, we’d recommend applying the henna at night, leaving it on overnight, and scraping it off in the morning.

Consider Using “Clove Bhaap” While it Dries for a Darker Stain

Consider Using "Clove Bhaap" for a Darker Stain

While you’re waiting for your henna to dry, you could use “clove bhaap” to try to make the stain darker. All you need to do is heat some cloves in a pan and once they start smoking, take the pan off and place your hands or feet over it to make sure they get the “clove bhaap.”

Do be careful when doing this though and make sure your hands or feet are not too close to the pan. If it starts feeling too hot, take a break for a few minutes and then do it again; it’s recommended to take a break after every 30 seconds, so you don’t overdo it.

Use a Mix of Lemon Juice and Sugar to Keep the Henna on for Longer

Use a Mix of Lemon Juice and Sugar to Keep the Henna on for Longer

Once your mehendi is dry enough that it starts cracking in places, you can use a mix of lemon juice and sugar on it to keep it on for longer. It’s important to get the consistency right: boil 2 teaspoons of caster sugar in water, let it cool, add 2 teaspoons of lemon juice, and mix it properly to get a syrup-like mixture.

Boiling the sugar helps it achieve that sticky consistency that prevents the henna from coming off the skin too skin and the acidic content in the lemon juice revives the henna’s staining agents, so you can get a much darker stain.

Use Mustard Oil to Scrape the Henna Off and Protect the Stain

Use Mustard Oil to Scrape the Henna Off and Protect the Stain

Many people make the mistake of using water to get henna off once it’s dry but that is one of the biggest mistakes you could make. The best way to scrape off henna once it’s dry is by using mustard oil because it’s perfect for taking off the sugary mixture you might have used and it protects the mehendi stain from fading.


Mehendi cones often look the same and it can be hard to know what makes one better than the other, but hopefully, after reading our article you now know how you can choose the best mehendi cone to suit your specific needs.

We also hope that our list of recommendations, as well as the extra tips we offered made it easier for you to know about the best options on the market and helped you understand how you can get the best results.