Top 10 Best Sports Bras to Buy Online in India 2019

The 10 Best Sports Bra to Buy Online of 2017 (Latest Edition)

Sports bras are the defense against breast juggling during your exercise. To women who enjoy exercising like jogging, yoga or even a short walk, sports bras are must-haves. From major sports brands such as Nike and Puma to a company native to India such as Amante offer various kinds of sports bras. Jockey and 2GO have affordable sports bras that you can wear daily, not only during exercise.

First, we will introduce tips on how to choose a sports bra. Then, we will compare the bras based on their functionality and customer reviews. And we will list the ranking, the 10 best sports bras of our choice. Let’s try to find the best bra to get an attractive body and breast contours.

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 How to Choose A Sports Bra – Buying Guide

What are the important tips in choosing the sports bra that would fit best for you? Let us look at a few important points.


Do you know what holds your breasts to keep the youthful beautiful shape? There are connective tissue inside breasts called Cooper’s ligaments that support the structure of the breasts. And these ligaments lack elasticity.

Once they are stretched or damaged, the shape of the breasts cannot return to the original. To avoid the major damage, it is important to protect the breasts from impact and juggling.

Exercising can damage the shape of your breasts. In order to keep the impact minimum, you have to find a sports bra that fits the size of your breasts perfectly. If the size isn’t right, they move in every direction, stretching the ligaments. Checking the size, especially the underbust size is the key to keeping the original shape.

Every Brand Has its Own Sizes

Every Brand Has its Own Sizes

Unlike underwear bras, most sports bra sizes are roughly divided into fewer types like small, medium and large. It would be a mistake to choose a bra size based on a vague idea on your body type.

The sizes of underwear bras are universal. If you know your measurements, you can choose the same size no matter the brand.

However, sports bras are different. Small size in one particular brand does not meant the same size in others. You should always check the sizing charts on each brand you are hoping to purchase from.

If Possible, Try It On!

If Possible, Try It On!

So, we have explained why sports bras are important. Yes, we are going to repeat it. It is important because they are the defense against damaging the Cooper’s ligaments which keeps the shape.
Yet, most women carelessly choose one without doing the research or trying it on. This is partly because sports bras come in fewer size choices.

Well, precisely because of there are fewer choices, we highly recommend doing the research and trying it on if possible. When you are trying a sports bra on, there are important things to check. Is it holding your breasts without pressing them too tight? Is under bust fitting well? Do you see any wrinkles on the fabric of cups?

Also, make sure your breasts are fitting well in cups (no extra room) and no cleavage should be there when you are wearing a sports bra. If you are purchasing one online, make sure you check sizing charts. It is important to know your cup size as well as the underbust measurement.



It is essential to choose a sports bra that functions well during the sports and/or exercise of your choice.

For example, absorbing sweat quickly and drying quickly, keeping the body temperature during hiking, the straps crossing at the back for extra support, these are all important functions depending on what type of sports you want to do.

Each brand and product offers different functions. Be sure to check the functionality of the sports bra you are looking at.



Good design can lift your spirits. Just because you are choosing a sports bra, it does not mean you have to compromise your taste. There are so many stylish designs and colors to choose from nowadays.

The function of a sports bra sure is important, but choose the one you love will brighten your time exercising!

Top 10 Best Sports Bras to Buy Online

Ok! So, let us look at the top 10 Sports Bra in a ranking style. Please use it as a reference in choosing your sports bra!

10. Jockey Women’s Cotton Padded Active Bra

10. Jockey Women's Cotton Padded Active Bra

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Price: ₹499

Affordable and Stylish Bra

This padded bra from the world famous brand Jockey is affordable and great for low-impact exercises such as light gym work and light running.

The fabric is the combination of cotton and elastane to give you soft comfort that draws sweat from your body. Customers love this quality as well as its fashionable style.

Some customers found that it does not fit too well, which means you need to check out the size chart before purchasing. Don’t forget to do that. If you are looking for a sports bra that is both fashionable and affordable, go for this one!

9. 2GO Go Dry Padded Sports Bra

9. 2GO Go Dry Padded Sports Bra

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Price: ₹425

Inexpensive Doesn’t Mean Bad

Even though this is affordable, it has qualities of a good sports bra. It features GO-DRY technology that wicks sweat fast. It is cut and sew uniquely to give you the support you need to have for low to medium-impact exercise. The racer back as well as the stretchy fabric gives you mobility.

Removable light pads support your breasts by giving a better grip under bust. Make sure to look at the size chart to see which size fits you the best.

This sports bra protects you even in dark. It has reflective elements so that you can be active outdoors at night.

8. Champion Women’s Warrior Sports Bra

8. Champion Women's Warrior Sports Bra

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Price: ₹858

Choose Your Favorite Color

This sports bra by Campion has a keyhole back with two hooks to adjust under the bust as well as the shoulder adjustment. The straps are gel-infused so that they sit comfortably on your shoulders.

It is best for low to medium-impact exercise like yoga, cycling to light jogging. Cups and bottom band are perforated to keep your body cool and dry. And Champion Vapor technology in fabric absorbs sweat quickly as well, and this will be great for medium-impact exercise.

This sports bra comes in 9 colors! You are sure to find the color you like.

7. Under Armour Eclipse Non-Wired Sports Bra

7. Under Armour Eclipse Non-Wired Sports Bra

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Price: ₹2,265

Adjust to Fit You

Under Armour sports bras have the signature open back with criss-cross straps. The straps are adjustable so that it can fit your movement perfectly. This particular sports bra can support your breasts up to medium-impact exercises like cycling, boxing and weight training.

It fits tight to your skin, but the fabric can “breathe” with its mesh-lining. So you won’t feel your sweat rolling on your skin. When doing sweat running exercise like boxing, this could keep your body comfortable so that you can keep going.

It comes in 4 colors! The color difference between the bust part and straps accentuate the straps and shoulders with style.

6. Reebok Hero Strap Bra

6. Reebok Hero Strap Bra

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Price: ₹2,036

Don’t Compromise Stylishness

What is so unique about this Reebok Hero Strap Bra is that it offers the stylish, even sexy look while supporting low to medium impact exercise. Whether you are doing studio workouts indoor or light exercise outdoor, it sure will grab attention with its simple yet fashionable straps.

The fabric will keep you dry and cool, which will allow you to add layers over the bra. When gym air conditioning is on, and if it feels almost cold, layering over this sports bra to start the workout may be good. Later, when exercising raised your body temperature, you have the choice of taking the layer off.

For medium-impact exercise, cup sizes from A to C would support breasts the best. The cup size will go up to D, but for women with D cup, this sports bra should be for your studio workouts, low-impact exercise.

5. Amante Racerback Sports Bra

5. Amante Racerback Sports Bra

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Price: ₹753

Great Price for Great Support

The company Amante first started as a lingerie brand to create a perfect fit for Asian women. This sports bra comes in four sizes, equivalent to lingerie sizes from A to DD.

This full coverage sports bra has no padding but has seamless cups to keep your silhouette well. Its stretchy microfiber material will keep your skin cool while working out.

What is great about this product is not only it is affordable, but it can also be used daily. It does not limit your use to exercising. It will be perfect for someone who wants to drop by at a gym after work. You won’t need to change your bra.

4. Jockey Woman’s Cotton Padded Active Bra

4. Jockey Woman's Cotton Padded Active Bra

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Price: ₹699

For Your Everyday Use

This Jokey’s Sports Bra is not only reasonably priced but versatile. You can use it when you are doing a low-impact exercise like yoga or light gym workout. It can also be your everyday bra.

Its racerback with a wide cut of arms allow you to move freely. Often, an uncomfortable sports bra can keep you from focusing on an exercise that requires arm movements like yoga.

The thin padding protects the breasts, and they are easily removed for a wash. And it comes in six colors. Because it is inexpensive, it might be a good idea to purchase more than one to keep the rotation.

3. Adidas Techfit Seamless Sports Bra

3. Adidas Techfit Seamless Sports Bra

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Price: ₹1,149

Techfit will Support Your Front and Back

Adidas techfit gears help to support your muscles to generate maximum power. This means this unique technology uses your inner strength to get a better shape in exercise. This Adidas Sports Bra also supports the back properly while comfortably hold your breasts during your medium impact exercises.

The racerback gives you a full range of movement of your arms. There is nothing on shoulder blades so you can comfortably work out. And its mesh fabric will wick moisture to keep your skin dry.

2. Puma Seamless Sports Bra

2. Puma Seamless Sports Bra

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Price: ₹1,178

Get Your Own Cat!

Puma Seamless Sports Bra is not only highly functional in multiple work out settings, it is also fashionable. From medium impact activities such as running and cycling to low impact exercise in a studio, this will support your upper body very well.

One of the points for this product is that it is seam-free. It keeps the natural contour of your breasts while supporting them firmly. It can be used in a daily setting as well.

Customer reviews are high for the support and the look. The famous company logo speaks to your commitment to workout and taste in fashion. One puma cat in your closet is not a bad idea at all!

1. Nike Women’s Pro Fierce Sport Bra

1. Nike Women's Pro Fierce Sport Bra

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Price: ₹1,865

Support Your Silhouette Stylishly!

This Nike product supports your breasts while keeping the natural shape. The racerback and mesh cups hold your breasts comfortably during medium-impact exercises such as cycling, dance and cardio lessons.

It is not particularly cheap but a famous brand like Nike introduces new technologies to their products. The fabric with Dri-FIT technology absorbs sweat fast and keep your skin dry. The straps are fairly wide for support but the fabric itself is stretchy enough for you to enjoy exercise without any discomfort.

It is also very stylish! It comes in multiple colors with the famous logo resting visibly to the side. From basic monotone to two-tone, there are a variety of choices. Some have bold patterns, and it might be fun to purchase a couple of them.


How was it? We have introduced the top 10 best sports bra in ranking. We hope you found the one you like.

We have focused on products that are both high functioning and stylish. Do not forget! It is important to put a sports bra on to keep the youthful nice contour of your breast shape.